12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 4: My Day in 4 Snapshots

For today’s post, I’m going to let the photos do the talking. Here are four photos that tell the story of my less than exciting day yesterday. Enjoy!


 My daily fight with MacGyver to see who will actually get to eat my breakfast. Yesterday’s choice? Egg whites with 2% mozzarella and a crumpet with a little butter and blackberry jam. And coffee. Of course.

IMG_8459I met up with Lauryn of Fit Awakening for a little work session at a local coffee shop. I usually end up doing more talking than actual work, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

IMG_8456A little #BTS of the vlog I shot yesterday. 

IMG_8350 (1)Finally, when I tried to go to bed, this is what I discovered. Just the cutest. I didn’t want to disturb him, but of course I did. ;)

Other than finishing off my bag of Boom Chicka Pop and making pasta with butternut squash sauce, that was pretty much my day! What about you??

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12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 3: 3 Snacks and a Drink You’re Currently Obsessed With

For Day 3, instead of photographing each item and writing, I thought it would be easier to make a vlog; however, it’s a little after 7pm and I just finished editing (edit: It’s now 8:22pm, and my video JUST finished uploading to YouTube!), so it may have been easier but was far more time consuming. Oh well! I also look super creep-tastic in the video thumbnail…Happy Halloween, I guess! :P Behold:

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What do you think?? Do you have a love for any of these particular items, too? What are your favorite snacks and/or drinks?

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12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 2: Top 3 Funniest / Most Awkward Moments

Today’s post is coming at you a little late in the day, as it took me much longer to write. I didn’t anticipate each moment being so long, but I’m storyteller; what can I say?

Since today IS so long, I’ll skip my usual chit chat and just get straight to business. One thing though: before reading #3, I would suggest reading this post first, as it will make much more sense to you about how I’m just so bad at getting massages. It’s not them, IT’S ME!!!

Moment #1: The Sea Urchins

I graduated college in May of 2008, and as a gift for doing so, my mom offered to pay for me to come along with her and my stepdad on their annual trip to the Dominic (this makes my family sound super rich…we’re definitely not, bee tee dubs). I of course said yes, so I want to reiterate that I was 22 for this experience, not 7 or 8 as one might think. Now, it was admittedly a little weird at times being the third wheel to a married couple at a beach resort, but all was well.

Until it happened.

We were wandering around the property and found this little secluded part of the beach. There was a rocky area that was super picturesque, and I just had to have a photo. Ignoring the “Danger” sign posted, I carefully walked down and stood on the rocks, waiting for my mom to take my photo. At that moment, a huge wave crashed onto the rocks, causing me to lose my balance. Being the genius I am, I was wearing flip flops, which obviously have zero traction, so in order to catch my balance, I had step back off the rock. My flip flops fell off, and once my feet hit the ground, I immediately felt stabbing pain. I screamed out for help, and my stepdad helped me back up onto land, but my feet were not having it. Every step I took felt like a thousand knives. I thought I had massively cut up my feet, but my stepdad confirmed that I had most likely stepped on a creature that had left some sort of pricks or stingers in my feet.

Yes, I had stepped on sea urchins.


I immediately thought, “POISON!” but was assured later that not all sea urchins are poisonous. My mom and stepdad rushed me to the resort doctor’s office, which was, admittedly, a little sketchy. I spent two hours in that doctor’s office while the doctor and nurse painstakingly pulled out each needle, using tweezers and needles. This was one of the most physically painful experiences of my life. Tears were streaming down my face, and every time a needle was taken out, I wanted to scream out in pain. At one point, my mom, trying to lighten the mood a little, said, “Oh, you must see this here a lot, huh?” The doctor, without missing a beat, replied, “No, only her.” Perfect. Eventually, they finished, slathered my feet in antibiotic ointment, and wrapped each foot in a bandage. I was told to stay off my feet for a day but that I would be fine.


 As a result, I had to spend a day of my beach vacation in our hotel room watching TV, which was super lame. Eventually, my feet felt better enough to be able to walk, and you would think that the experience would have left me feeling a little more cautious; however, a few days later, I completely ignored a “Wet Floor” sign and slipped down the concrete steps. I apparently have a thing with signs.

Moment #2: MacGyver’s Adventure in Santa Cruz

This story has been pretty epic, and we love to tell it to new people we meet. Let me tell you about our little trip to Santa Cruz when we first moved to San Francisco. We had been wanting to go to the beach, so the Sunday before Memorial Day, we got in the car with our dog MacGyver and drove down to Santa Cruz. Unfortunately, we picked the worst time to go, since it was a holiday weekend. What should have been a 50 minute drive took us 2.5 hours. Needless to say, by the time we got there, we were just a little cranky. We finally made our way to the sand and hung out for a bit. Eventually, we decided to see what Mac would think about the ocean, which was the primary reason we wanted to go to the beach anyway. He was little unsure about the water, and honestly, it was a bit cold at the beach, so we decided to pack up and walk around a bit.


Eventually, we got hungry and found a pretty awesome little local brewery and had a snack and a pint each (no pint for Mac though, just snacks). We finally decided to head home, and on the way back, MacGvyer and I both fell asleep, him in my lap. Halfway home, MacGyver convulsed pretty hard, which woke me up. We didn’t really think anything of it because he’s done that before; however, once we were almost back to the city, he started repeatedly convulsing. That’s when we got worried. We pulled up to the front of the hotel where we were living at the time, and at that point, we really scared because he was still just convulsing. Once in our room, we started googling seizures in dogs. We tried to give him food and water because we thought maybe he’d had a heat stroke or was dehydrated. He threw it all up. At that point, we knew we had to take him to the vet. Once we were there, they whisked him away and did not have him in that exam room for more than five minutes when they came back with a diagnosis: marijuana toxicity.

Yes, our dog had somehow gotten high in Santa Cruz.


As soon as we heard this, both of our jaws dropped. I was so shocked, I accidentally yelled, “What the f***?!” to the vet’s face (oops). But it all started to fall into place, and we realized he was SO high. We immediately went from being terrified he was dying to just like, “Omg, our dog IS high!” It all made sense then and was terrible yet hilarious to us at the same time (as long as he was going to be okay, of course) because of course OUR dog would be the one to do this. However, the vet told us that this was the most common thing they saw, probably 2-3 times a week, and, “Welcome to California!” He must have just secretly picked up something off the ground. We spent the rest of the night making our stoned dog comfortable, and the next morning, he was back to normal, though he seemed slightly “hungover.” Poor guy. Poor dumb, dumb guy. So, in the end, our dog has partied harder in San Francisco than we have, and we were left with this crazy story.

Moment #3: My Latest Awkward Massage

I’ve written about my awkward experiences getting massages before, but this one takes the freaking cake. Last November, I bragged wrote about our trip to Key West. Part of that package was a free spa treatment, and of course we both decided on massages. When we scheduled previously, I was so excited about a free massage that I didn’t even think to tell Brett that I wanted to request a female therapist (as I usually do). So, when we got there, it wasn’t even on my mind that this experience would be super awkward. This experience would be amazing. Brett was called back, and I waited there, alone. Finally, a man walked out, and, automatically just thinking I’d have a female therapist, I sat there, oblivious. He seemed to be looking past me, so I assumed he was there for someone else, but then he called my name. Confused, I followed him back. He then mentioned something about a dog, which left me even more bewildered (and I was already a little nervous to have a male massage therapist…just my personal preference to have a female). Finally, we got to the therapy room, where I found a service dog laying in the corner.

Yes, I was taken off guard because my massage therapist was blind.

I would like to take a second here to reiterate that this experience was ONLY awkward because of ME, not him!   :)

So we started the massage and everything was sincerely fine. However, me being me, I couldn’t turn off my brain. I immediately started to feel guilty about my initial alarmed reaction. Then I started mentally congratulating him on finding such a cool career, thinking, “Man, this really IS the perfect job for someone with a loss of vision; his dexterity is amazing.” I was so happy for him that I just couldn’t relax. This seems to be a common trend for me, by the way. Finally, the icing on the cake.

Towards the end of the session, once I finally started to relax, of course, I started to smell the most awful smell. To my horror, I realized that the. Service dog. Had. Farted. This was pretty much the last straw for me, and I could not have gotten out of that room fast enough. All in all, the massage itself was lovely, but as I’ve said countless times, I’m just too awkward for my own good.

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There you have it, my top 3 funniest / most awkward moments. I’m sure (know) that I have many, many more, but these are the top three that came to mind. Additionally, each one of these moments happened while I was out of town, furthering my theory that I should just never leave my house. What about you??

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12 Day Blogger Challenge – Day 1: Why Do You Blog + 5 Random Facts

It’s time, guys!

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I’ve been promoting the crap out of this challenge, and even though it’s like not like a HUGE thing, to me, it is. I’ve gotten SO excited about blogging again in the past week. I think this is JUST what I needed.


Why Do You Blog?


I’ve been writing in some capacity since I learned how to carve letters on paper (or even crayons to the wall…oops). I remember writing stories as early as kindergarten, and while other kids at daycare were playing outside, I stayed in to “write books.” I would literally take sheets of paper and staple them into a booklet in order to create the next Great American Novel. You should have read my never-ending series “The Heart Family” (they were a family made of literal hearts); it was quit the page turner.

Naturally, as I got older, English was always my favorite class, and in high school, I discovered my favorite course of all time: creative writing. I even took it twice – one semester for stories and one for poetry/play writing/screenplay writing. Then, I took an incredible CW class in college (that’s a story for another day); there were only about 12-14 of us, and the intimate atmosphere was so comforting. I looked forward to my thrice weekly time in that class. Though perpetually nervous to share my work, I always took great (secret) pride in workshopping my stuff. Sharing my work has always been a love/hate relationship. I get so anxious I want to puke, yet when people read my stuff and connect to it, the feeling is incredible.

It only seemed natural that I would eventually find my way into the world of blogging. I started off with a LiveJournal (I’m dating myself), and from there I would write sad, sad poetry on my MySpace (cringe). Eventually, mid-college, I took the plunge and created my very own blog on Blogger. At this point, I honestly can’t even remember what it was called, and I would write such mundane things like, “Today my boyfriend came over, and we ate Taco Bell.” A real snooze fest, but I was still finding myself, I like to think. About three years ago, I finally decided that I wanted to try my hand at style blogging by posting my outfits. I created a blog on Blogger called “A Miscellaneous Life.” It wasn’t terrible; I just wasn’t consistent (shocker), and eventually it languished. Around the time I was thinking of starting this blog (Sept 2012), I decided that I wanted to try WordPress, and since I’m not so tech savvy, I didn’t know how or if I could transfer AML to WordPress, so I jut decided to start from scratch: platform, name, everything. I finally had my own own little corner of the internet. A place where I could write whatever I wanted. As a teacher, I certainly got to impart my love of writing on youngsters, but I never quite felt like I was fully able to do it my own way. I certainly took some risks, and looking back, sometimes I can’t believe the proverbial balls I had to share some of the stuff I did (not that any of it was really bad, to be honest…however, I did make them act out a screenplay I wrote in high school that won Best Comedy. I’m the nerdy version of the dad who was a high school football star and just can’t let it go), but I have no regrets. With my personal blog, I don’t have to worry about what I share.

So like most bloggers I suppose, I started my blog for myself really, and if I got some followers, then great. I will say that QB is the first blog I’ve ever actively promoted and tried to make blog friends with. When I had my college blog, I barely even read blogs, so I had no allies in the blogging world, and had zero idea what I was doing. Now, I still barely have any idea what I’m doing, but I’ve made so many great connections through blogging. My favorite parts of blogging are obviously my own writing outlet, but as I said the other day, also the community. The blogging world is full of amazing people, and the style/fashion/lifestyle niche especially has the most fabulous ladies with whom I adore interacting. I love participating in challenges with other bloggers, reading everyone’s beautiful prose, seeing everyone’s gorgeous photos, and even just commenting. It’s all about the connection for me. As a true introvert, I sincerely appreciate the blogging community. And that, my friends, is why I blog.


Five (5) Random Facts about Moi


1. I was never paid for. Right after I was born, my dad waited in line to pay the hospital bill. The line was incredibly long, and he happend to see a window with a sign that said you could leave your information and they would send you a bill in the mail. My dad filled out the card, but my parents never received a bill. When I was younger and my parents would tell me to do something and I refused, my dad would say, “I OWN you.” I’d say, “Nuh uh, I wasn’t paid for.” Consequently, my parents would use this against me, because I was constantly terrified that the Portsmouth Naval Hospital was going to show up one day and take me away.

2. I have no concept of time. Really. With the the exception of getting to work, I can look at a clock and KNOW I have to leave in 20 minutes, but I will dawdle…seriously dawdle. Check my computer, check out my hair, eat, walk around the house, etc. Then I wonder why I’m so late. PS: If I ever say I’m five minutes away, chances are it’s 10-15. I’ve gotten better about this though!

3. Personality wise, I’m Miranda. Fashion wise, I’m Carrie.

4. I’ve only gotten in trouble for cheating once. I was in second grade. It was our first spelling test (at my new school). We did the old school thing where you had to put two folders up in front of your test so no one could look at your paper. I had the genius idea to put the spelling list inside my folder. I wasn’t even necessarily ill-prepared for the test; I think I was just so nervous about doing well on my first test at my new school, that I wanted to make sure that my score would be perfect. However, right after the test started, I felt guilty for cheating and decided to take the list out the folder and put it away. That’s when I got caught. Scandalous, I know.

5. I used to be obsessed with Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals. I mean obsessed. I am the only 5th grader I know who listened to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack on her walkman or who could do a one-woman rendition of Evita complete with lyrics, musical score, and dance numbers. Super appropriate for a 10-year old to walk around singing songs about a woman sleeping her way to the top. I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that I still hold this love of musicals in my heart to this day.

Day 1 is in the books! I’m happy to say that forcing myself to write out why I blog has ignited a fire within I feel like I’m being so cheesy, but I’ve been missing blogging and am happy to be back!

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I wanted to make a video, but I have no original ideas.

First of all, if you didn’t read my last post about the blogging challenge I’m doing, please scoot on over there! I’d love to have you join me!

I woke up the other day and decided I wanted to make a video. Having no original ideas, I turned to the trusty Birchbox “reveal.” Unfortunately, my tripod broke long ago, so I overnighted a cheapie from Amazon (bless you, Prime)…because I’m that lazy. After spending 40 minutes messing around with the lighting in my apartment (this is the first video I’ve shot in this location), here is the final result. Brett asked if I was reporting from Heaven. I said, “Maybe I WAS…” Behold.

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Here’s the breakdown:

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner

Full Size: $45 (1 fl. oz.) / Sample Size: $11.25 (.25 fl. oz.)

Essentiel Elements Wake Up Rosemary Shower Gel

Full Size: $19 (8 oz.) / Sample Size: $3.55 (1.5 oz.)

Harvey Prince Petaly Noir

Full Size: $55 (50 ml) / Sample Size: $1.65 (1.5 ml)

Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick – Petal to the Metal

Full Size: $20 (3 oz.) / Sample Size: $20 (full size)

ModelCo POWERLASH High Impact Black Mascara

Full Size: $20 (10 ml) / Sample Size: $10 (.17 fl. oz.)

Total Box Cost: $10.00

Total Box Value: $46.45

Total Money Saved: $36.45

Final Thoughts: Ugh, I’m so disappointed! After you watch the video, you’ll see why. It’s such a bummer that this was such a valuable box, cost-wise. I think I’ll definitely use the mascara and maybe the lip gloss, but yah, definitely going to update my profile. No more perfume samples.

How was your October Birchbox??

12 Day Blogger Challenge

If you read my last post, then you know that I’m in that “itching” stage. Itching for change, for something new. Itching for excitement and adventure. Just itching to do. (Sorry, I didn’t mean to channel Dr. Suess just then, but I’m not mad at it.)

I was intrigued by Girl Meets Life‘s September blogger challenge, and I had every intention of completing this for October; however, October has been moving along quite nicely (as October tends to do), and I have yet to start. “Maybe another blogger will create a challenge for November?” I thought hopefully at the coffee shop the other day. But then it hit me (while I was in the bathroom at said coffee shop, I will admit), why should I wait around for someone else to challenge me? Why am I not challenging myself? I could certainly create my OWN blogging challenge, and I can do it my own way!


12 Day Blogger Challenge

So friends, here we are. No waiting for a specific month, and no long term commitments (you know I’m just not that kind of girl). I have created a 12-day blogger challenge with what I’d like to think is a healthy mix of introspective, typical blogger, and just plain silly/fun prompts. I will be starting this on Monday (Oct. 20), but the beauty of this challenge is that you can do it whenever you want! You can follow along with me (the option I hope you’ll take), do it next month, next year, take an entire month to stretch out the prompts, whatever your little heart desires.

Bonus for those who participate along with me: I will be hosting a daily link up so we can all share our prompts / genius with one another as well as share this challenge with your friends! Pin it, Instragram it, tweet it! I’d love to have SO many people join because one of my absolute favorite things about blogging <<SPOILER ALERT FOR MONDAY>> is the community! So here’s to a challenge, and here’s to us. I’m so excited to get back into the blogging game! :)

What do you think? Will you be joining me on this super short, yet super fun blogging challenge? 

PS: I’d love it if you’d take a couple of minutes to complete my blog survey. I’m going to leave it open a few more days; I’d really appreciate the feedback! 

Upward and Onward

Today a flip switched.

If you are were a regular reader, then you may have noticed my hiatus. I don’t want to get into a long sappy thing of it, but I just got to a point where I just didn’t care about blogging anymore. I was in a “What’s the point?” kind of mood. Since I work from home, my OOTDs mostly consist of yoga pants, and when I do get dressed in “normal” clothes, it’s for dinner and it’s too dark for photos. My outfits have been uninspired lately anyway, so you haven’t been missing much. I even stopped reading my favorite blogs. A typical day for me lately consists of breakfast, work, screwing around on social media, work, lunch, maybe workout, work, Netflix binging. Hardly worth bogging, huh?

But the thing is I live in this amazing city. There’s so much to do and see. I really do have blogworthy events. I mean, just a couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed some beverages on a freaking battleship…definitely not something you’d see in Indiana. I’ve just been telling myself my life is boring; and honestly, to some extent it is, but I know I have a story to tell, too.

So yesterday, I randomly pulled up my blog (I hadn’t even been keeping up with my stats) and read through a few months. Truthfully, I like what I have produced. I’ve always been a writer, and this blog is the only writing outlet I’ve had lately, so the fact that I’ve let it languish is disappointing. However, I never set out to be strictly fashion. I’ve always considered my blog to be a “lifestyle style” blog, but somehow, OOTDs posts were just easier. It was much easier to photograph an outfit, write a sassy blurb, and link to outfits rather than trying to branch out and write about anything else. I am by no means saying that fashion blogging is super easy. It’s not; it takes time and dedication, and I thoroughly commend and admire those who do it (most of whom do a much better job than I do!). I’ve just realized that while I do love fashion and sharing styling inspiration with others, that’s not solely what I want this blog to be. I’d like to share more of my life. However, I’m just not sure how to go about doing that.  I’m not sure what I want to share, and, frankly, I’m not sure what YOU want to read.

So, in effort to get my life together, I’ve created a reader survey. I’d really appreciate it if you’d fill this out for me. It’ll take two minutes or less! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! :)


>>>CLICK HERE to access the QB Reader Survey!>>>


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