Hi, friends!

Just a quick note to say hello and tell you about a couple of new things!

First of all, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that things got weird. I changed my current IG account to the username @the_b_wood, then I created a NEW account and named it @quirky_britches, which was my old account’s name. So, if you’d like to continue to follow my personal shenanigans, then by all means, please continue to follow @the_b_wood (because you already all, by default); however, if you’re still interested in blog stuff on IG, then please find me @quirky_britches (again) and follow! This new IG is a marriage of my blog and my new Tumblr, which is my next order of business…

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 3.37.58 PM

I started Kayla Itsines’ BBG about a month ago, and it’s been great! I just follow the workout plan, not so much the nutrition plan. I’ve learned what works for me, and I’ve been doing really well at an 80/20 balance! So, I decided not to blog about it because I didn’t want QB to become totally inundated with health and fitness stuff (I like it to be a part of QB, just not the whole thing), plus I had just been writing about Blogilates, and I didn’t want to write about yet another health and fitness venture that I figured no one cared about anyway. 🙂 If you do care, however, you can find me here on Tumblr!

That’s it for now, though I shall return soon!

Do you have a Tumblr or fitness/health IG? Comment below – I’d love to check it out! 


Layering Tips for Days When You Can’t Get Dressed

Happy New Year!

This time of year always makes me feel a little ‘blah’ about everything (see last year’s post on the winter drearies), and even though I live in a more mild city now, I’ve been looking to Pinterest for some layering inspiration. I thought I’d go back and look at some of my past layered looks and share the love! None of this is probably going to be anything you haven’t seen on a million other blogs, but sometimes it’s nice to get some visuals as well as yet another perspective from a stranger on the internet.

quirky britches layering tips
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We’ll start off with an easy one…

layering summer tank and chunky cardigan

I’ve never been one to shy away from wearing something that’s not quite seasonally appropriate, and when I’m really in a slump, sometimes getting out my brightest, summery-est tank does wonders. Simply layer on a chunky cardigan that is seasonally appropriate, and suddenly your easy breezy tank is winterized!

layering sweater and oxford

For a preppier look, this layering trick is also pretty simple. Instead of just wearing a sweater, slip one on over an oxford shirt. The pop of collar, sleeve, and hem just add interest to your outfit. Plus warmth. Are you sensing a theme here?

Layering chambray sweater vest

On this particular day, I started off with our old friend: the sweater layered over the chambray oxford; however, because this particular chambray isn’t very long, I felt like it needed something more to take the focus off the awkward length. I added this vest, and it was perfect for a warmer fall day!

layering tee oxford cardiganSometimes I don’t mind layering a short-sleeve tee over an oxford, but this particular tee is more cropped and boxy; therefore, it just didn’t look right. I belted it at the waist, and it looked better, but still not quite right. Adding a cardigan was the ticket. Did I need the tee in order to create a cute outfit? Absolutely not, but oxford and cardigan? Been there, done that, bought the layered on the t-shirt. I guess I was just wanting more that day, and that’s what makes layering so fun!

Layering Cropped Sweatshirt TunicMore Examples: 1 // 2 // 3

Headless mirror selfies aren’t always the most glamorous pictures for blogs, but I had to include one of my favorites: layering a cropped sweater, sweatshirt, or even just crop top over a longer, more tunic-like top. Bonus points for cinching that waist with a belt. You can also knot a tank or tee at the waist.

layering oxford tee blazer

Very similar to the oxford + tee + cardigan, but this look has more structure. You can wear it casually with jeans or even with a pencil skirt to bring something unexpected yet still polished to the office.

Finally, one of my crazier get ups…

layering skirt sweatshirt belt

Now, if you want to get really creative, you can start layering items on the wrong parts of your body. When I first posted this outfit, I very unsure about it, and I even asked you guys what you thought. I even pondered deleting the post, but it ultimately has become one of my most re-pinned outfits on Pinterest, and, as a result, a great traffic driver. Crazy, huh? I’m going to be honest though, for that post, I published the most flattering pictures. The sweatshirt was rather bulky, so it probably wasn’t the most flattering choice. In retrospect, I would choose a sweatshirt that’s a bit more fitted.

So, like I said, nothing earth shattering, but hopefully at least one of these layering examples will help you on a day when you’re sitting at your computer, in a towel, avoiding your closet. Not that I’ve been there or anything.

What’s your favorite layering trick?

8 Week Hot Body Challenge: Week 5 Update

This update is pretty pointless, but here goes anyway…

[[The Food]]

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So yah, one photo. Cool, huh? My breakfasts are always pretty healthy because I typically eat egg white oats almost every day; a day or two I may have gotten a turkey bacon and egg white breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. The worst day was Thursday because we had a big rain storm that knocked our power out from 7:30am-1:30pm. Prior to 1:30, I had eaten pita chips and a banana. Perfect. I also definitely indulged over the weekend because we have a friend in town, but I tried to keep everything in moderation.

[[The Workouts]]

I actually worked out one day, Thursday, when there was no power. I literally had nothing else to do, so I begged my friend to send a screenshot of a workout I could do — since I couldn’t look it up on my computer — and I got to work. I’m honestly still a tiny bit sore TODAY (Monday), so at least that’s a plus. Working out is in the plan today, though I’m currently at Starbucks because my power is out AGAIN.

[[How I’m Feeling]]

Not bad. I had a pretty excellent workout on Thursday, and yesterday we walked SO much around the city (about 5 miles in total, according to Google Maps), so I considered that my workout for the day. I felt pretty good afterwards. I also won a DietBet I signed up for in early November! I had 30 days to lose 4% of my body weight and ended up losing slightly over 5%, so that’s nice! In the end, after subtracting the money I put into the bet, I came out at only $18.99 ahead, but I’ll take it! I want to do another, but I’m going to wait until January.

[[General Thoughts]]

Even though my diet is starting to slip back into its dirty habits, I still feel pretty good. I’m not gaining any weight back, so I’m trying to hold onto that optimism. My plan is to workout every day this week to get back into that habit (because honestly, I miss it!), so that next week, when I’m living in various hotels for a week when I go back home for Christmas, I’ll be motivated to utilize the gyms that will be in our hotels. This week is going to be tough because we have so many holiday get togethers and events scheduled, but I’ll make it. 🙂

Check out my other weekly updates here. For more information about the program, see here.

How do you plan to tackle the rest of the holiday season???

8 Week Hot Body Challenge: Weeks 3 & 4 Update

Well, someone’s a little behind!

[[The Food]]

Week 3


Week 4

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One would think I’ve been slacking on my photo taking, and one would be correct; however, the main reason for the lack of food photos is that I haven’t been following the meal plan as closely as I should be. Thanksgiving week was just a bust. I was “good” up until Thanksgiving day, and then I had this…


No, that’s not a healthy homemade meal; that’s from Mel’s Drive-in. Super cool Thanksgiving dinner. 🙂 You do what you gotta do when you live in a big city, 2200 miles away from your family. And don’t worry – I did NOT eat all that. I could barely finish half of it. I did then take the rest of that weekend to binge. Milkshakes galore!

Last week, week 4, was a little better, but again, started off strong the first half of the week and then not so well the latter half. I do make healthy(ish) choices when I stray from the meal plan though. I will say the two “bowls” pictured above were both delicious!

[[The Workouts]]

I think I worked out one time in two weeks. [hangs head in shame]

[[How I’m Feeling]]

Not bad. I felt really guilty after my Thanksgiving binge, but I have to keep things in perspective. Did it sabotage me on the whole? Nope. Was it delicious and make me happy in the moment? Yup. As far as energy goes, I keep sleeping in, and I need to stop. I stay up too late on my phone, which is obviously the culprit. This has nothing to do with eating, but when I sleep in, then I have less time to do other things, like work out.

[[General Thoughts]]

I’m still trying to follow this plan the best I can. It’s been really dreary and rainy lately, so after spending all day inside looking out at doom and gloom, all I crave by dinner time are comfort foods, so I’ve been bratty a few nights and straight up refused another baked chicken breast. I’m still continuing to lose weight, so things are progressing nicely. I’ve also noticed that despite my lack of working out, I’m still shedding some fat around my biceps, which is miraculous, as I’ve pretty much always had flabby arms, even when I did P90X and was constantly “pushing and pulling” (as Tony Horton calls it). So far, so…okay. 🙂

Check out week 1 here and week 2 here. For more information about the program, see here.


Well, the holiday week just gave me quite the excuse to be lazy…slacking on my nutrition, slacking on my workouts, slacking on my blog. Cool, Britt, Cool.

boyfriend jeans boyfriend cardigan neon top red lips 2

boyfriend jeans boyfriend cardigan neon top red lips

boyfriend cardigan neon top

boyfriend jeans nude pointed flats black tote

boyfriend jeans boyfriend cardigan neon topInstagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // Poshmark //YouTube

One would think that I got away with wearing this on a mild day in September or early October; however, one would be wrong. I was able to wear this on November 23, thus why I love living in this city. Other than quite a bit of rain the past couple of weeks, it’s still been pretty warm here, never getting colder than the high 50s during the day.

But enough about the weather. I wore this outfit to go see the Hunger Games (sorry, Mockingjay), and it was the perfect comfy ensemble for film watching. Relaxed fit boyfriend jeans and a cozy boyfriend sweater made watching the slow-paced movie a bit more bearable. Honestly, I enjoyed the film, but I have to agree with everyone else that it seemed like it did not need to be stretched into two films. I mean, the book was pretty slow-paced too from what I remember. But what do I know? I’m just a girl dressed like her boyfriend. Or something.

similar jeans // similar top // similar cardigan* // almost the same bag* (same brand, similar style) // similar flats // somewhat similar necklace (but not really…but still super cute!)

*Cardigan and bag were purchased via Stitch Fix (RD Style Tanner Waffle Knit Cardigan & Street Level Parvin Reversible Hang Tag Tote)

What did you think of Mockingjay? Recommend any movies lately??

Budgeting Bloggers // November 2014

It’s that time again, and man, was I a good girl!

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What I Bought

1. J. Crew Factory Leather-Sleeve Tee // $26.39 (orig. $68, on clearance for $32.99 + extra 20% off clearance)

2. Toms Herringbone Desert Wedges // $89

3. J. Crew Perfect Boyfriend Flannel in ‘Rock Salt’ // $34.50 (orig. $69.50)

Total Spent: $149.89 (orig. $226.50) – $94.92 in Poshmark earnings = $53.97

Savings = $76.71 + $94.92


In terms of quantity, a pretty good month for me! The price of the wedges was steep for me, but I decided to transfer over some Poshmark earnings to cover them so I didn’t feel so bad about dropping the dough so close to Christmas. They really are my current favorite shoes, so I know I’m going to get my money’s worth over the cold months. These were the only thing I had planned on purchasing for myself this month, but a J. Crew Factory sale email had me Christmas shopping for Brett. I then stumbled upon the flannel shirt I had been wanting for a year, and THEN when I saw that the leather-sleeve top would only be $26 after an additional discount, I caved. Again, this month, I bought quite a few things from Stitch Fix, but I haven’t been adding those purchases because I’m still trying conceptualize some sort of separate post. It’ll happen one day. 

Do you own any of the above purchases? I seriously can’t recommend the wedges enough!

As always, I’m linking up with Franish’s Blogging Budgeters – check out all the other amazing budgeting goddesses!

Burgundy, anyone?

Burgundy is one of my favorite fall colors, so for a dinner out Saturday, I thought top, lips, bag? Burgundy? Let’s do this.

burgundy Stitch Fix dolman top Toms wedges Target plaid scarf2

burgundy Stitch Fix dolman top Target plaid scarf

Toms wedges Just Fab Gallerista

burgundy Stitch Fix dolman top Toms wedges Target plaid scarfInstagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // Poshmark //YouTube

So I was doing some thinking, and I think I miss outfit posts! I guess it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, huh? Therefore, I’ve decided that I will do two (maybe 3) outfit posts a week as well as the other various lifestyle topics I’ve been posting. I think that will be a healthy balance for me (and hopefully you!).

Now that that’s out of the way, can we talk about these Toms wedges?? I used to think the open toed wedges were cute in theory, but I never liked the blue Toms tag on the back. Don’t get me wrong, I love Toms and its mission, but if I’m going to wear a pair of open toed wedges with a nice outfit, a bright blue label on the back of the shoes sort of throws the aesthetic off for me. Recently though, a girl I work with wore these wedges and raved about how comfortable they are. I thought they looked amazing, and then I noticed the dark, embossed label on the back that totally blends in. I was sold. The day I got them in the mail, I put them right on and didn’t take them off the rest of the day. Move over Target ankle wedges, these are officially my favorite fall shoe!

boots: here or here // scarf (out of stock online – find in store) // similar top* // jeans //  bag (sold out, but you can join the waitlist – here’s something similar) // lips: Revlon Lip Butter in “Red Velvet” mixed with Nyx Matte Lip Cream in “San Paulo

*Top was purchased via Stitch Fix (Sawyer Dolman Top from Market and Spruce)

Have you tried Toms wedges? What do you think??


8 Week Hot Body Challenge: Week 2 Update

Another quick update of my progress! See Week One here.

[[The Food]]

IMG_0854Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // Poshmark //YouTube

Food is still going well; however, this weekend I took a bit more liberty with meals, subbing healthily of course. For example, instead of eating warm quinoa cereal for two of the breakfasts, I subbed my favorite egg white oats with banana and raisins instead. Same idea but easier, as I didn’t feel like making quinoa early in the morning. Additionally, on two of the days, I was supposed to have Asian lettuce wraps for lunch. It was super cold and rainy all last week, so while I was indoors shivering in layers, lettuce wraps just weren’t going to cut it. I whipped up a healthy homemade chili instead (inspired loosely by this recipe). Hot chili definitely hit the spot, so I have no regrets.

I did have a couple of “YOLO meals,” as Cassey Ho calls them (I feel silly saying that, but I’ve never really been a fan of the term “cheat meal” because “cheat” implies guilt, so I sort of say YOLO facetiously). On Saturday, I had a turkey bacon and egg white breakfast sandwich from Starbucks because I was too lazy to cook anything. We also went out to dinner that night to Sabrosa, an upscale Mexican restaurant, so I did have some fried chips and salsa, but I had waaaaay more self control than I normally do at Mexican restaurants. I also had a couple of jalapeno margaritas, but the spiciness speeds up the metabolism, yes? 😉 Additionally, yesterday, we were going to have brunch at The Grove on Fillmore, and I was going to get a nice egg white omelette, but the power went out in the kitchen. Since we had movie tickets, we were pressed for time, so we went across the street to Glaze, where I had teriyaki steak, brown rice, and a salad with carrot-ginger dressing. Not terrible. Definitely could have been worse. And at the movie? I skipped popcorn and had coffee instead. I was freezing, so I wasn’t too sad about it.

Oh, and that quesadilla up there? MONEY. (I used brown rice flour instead of coconut flour.)

[[The Workouts]]

I only worked out on Monday. I don’t want to talk about it.

[[How I’m Feeling]]

Pretty good, actually. I feel like my energy is pretty decent, and my sugar headaches are subsiding. I have been trying to lay off the coffee, as truthfully, my normal almost-daily iced coffee has started to make my stomach hate me. So I probably have one cup of coffee every other day now, and I’ve been trying to drink more tea (hot or iced). So far so good!

[[General Thoughts]]

I’m actually feeling pretty great about myself. I took my weight and measurements from week 2 this morning, and I’ve lost roughly 6 pounds and a little under 4 inches. That’s way better than I expected! Since I haven’t been working out much, this just confirms what I already know: it’s all about diet! My goal this week is to workout 4/7 days. With it being the holiday week and all, I should be working out every day, but we’ll see. Onto week 3! You can find more info here.

6 Movies I’m Dying to See

So I’m sure I’m not the only one’s been not so patiently waiting for Mockingjay to come out. We have tickets to see it Sunday, and I can’t wait! In thinking of how it always seems like the movies you want to see will never come out, I started thinking of other films I’m looking forward to. Here are 6 more movies I’m dying to see!

1. Big Eyes – Amy Adams and Christopher Waltz? Directed by Tim Burton? Set in San Francisco? Sold.

2. Serena – This book has been on my to-read list for quite some time, and with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper together again, I can’t wait to see the movie, too!

3. Pitch Perfect 2 – The first Pitch Perfect is one I never saw in theaters, but once I did finally see it, I fell in love. Though silly at times, it’s.just.so.funny. Rebel Wilson is just the best.

4. Into the Woods – I’m going to be honest and admit that I don’t know much about this musical, but once I saw the cast and the trailer, plus the fact it’s a Stephen Sondheim musical (Sweeney Todd), it became a must see for me.

5. Insurgent – I loved reading the Divergent series more than the Hunger Games, and Insurgent was my favorite of the trilogy, so this is a no brainer.

6. Jurassic World – So little known fact: growing up, I LOVED Jurassic Park. I watched it alllll the time. I still do love it; in fact, whenever I’m flipping through the channels, and it’s on, I stop and watch. Every time. So of course I’m stoked for another movie! Sadly, I couldn’t find an actual trailer yet, but this behind the scenes video is pretty cool.

UPDATE: The trailer came out!!


What movies are you looking forward to? Are you exciting about any of the above mentioned??