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A Day to Night with No Connection and a Restaurant Review

I’m not sure if I’ve said this yet, but I am a high school teacher.  This makes getting dressed every morning somewhat difficult  because I have to make sure I look somewhat professional yet it’s really important to me that I still maintain my personal style.  I think I do an okay job (mostly), but there are still some days when I get frustrated and just want to throw on some skinny jeans and call it a day.  On this morning when I got to school I noticed that a lot teachers were wearing jeans.  Had I missed something?  Was there some sort of protest happening?  Was I in the Matrix?

Turns out, that email the principal had sent yesterday…you know, the one that I half read and then deleted?  At the very end, apparently he had welcomed us all to wear jeans the next day for all of our hard work.  So moral of the story kiddies: read your email!  Or at least keep a spare pair of jeans in your car.

maxi dress: Forever 21

scarf: Urban Outfitters (old)

boots: Target

denim jacket: thrifed (but I have to share that it is Jaclyn Smith brand, as in Jaclyn Smith from “Charles Angels”)

earrings: Target (old)

beaded bracelet: Pangea Homemade (love this site!)

After I took outfit pictures, I decided that I no longer wanted to wear what I was wearing.  Although these boot are super comfortable (I’m not kidding.  When I first saw these boots on Long Live Classy’s blog, I thought they were cute but figured they’d be impossible to walk in.  I tried them on at Target though, and I couldn’t believe I could be tall and comfortable at the same time!), I decided I’d feel better in jeans and flats.  It’s always nice to get a little more dressed up for a Friday night dinner with the mister.  Therefore, I threw together the following ensemble:

I had had this blazer in my closet for a few months with the tags still on it.  It was a steal from Nordstrom Rack at only $20 (I think the originally price was $80-$90.)   Also, excuse the dark photos…we had lost the light outside by this time, and I am still, admittedly, navigating the ins and outs of Photoshop.

jeggings: Gap (last year)

flats: H&M (here they are in black, not sure if they have them in the neon yellow anymore)

sweater: Nordstrom Rack

clutch: Target (find here)

earrings: vintage

We decided to try out a new restaurant in Broad Ripple called Sabbatical, a small plates concept.  I love the idea of small plates because whenever I go out to eat, I want to eat everything, so any place that allows me to try multiple types of foods is always a winner in my book.

We started with the Roasted Vegetable Tower; lots of yummy veggies topped with ricotta cheese – SO GOOD.

Next, we had Sweet Potato Truffle Fries.  I have been obsessed with sweet potato fries lately, and these were a nice twist on the traditional.  They are topped with shredded parmesan and truffle salt.

The next plate was Cheddar Stuffed Turkey Meatballs.  These were good, but at the end of the meal, we both agreed that we were stuffed and could have done without one of the plates.  This would have been it.  The meatballs were laid upon a salad topped with spicy apple and bacon chutney (very good chutney).

The two chicken skewers below were to die for.  The first was grilled with a bbq Thai peanut sauce.  The chicken was so moist and flavorful.  The other was deep fried with a mustard dijon sauce.  I’m typically not a huge honey or dijon mustard fan, but this chicken was so good – I’m still thinking about it!  It was laid upon a kale salad, but the salad was drenched in the dijon mustard, which was too much for me.

Lastly, we were “talked into” (ie: not much talking was needed) a small espresso creme brulee.  Not amazing, but was still tasty.

All in all, I would recommend Sabbitcal if you live in the Indy area.  Everything we ate was generally tasty, and if you’ve never experienced small plates, it’s definitely something to try at least once.



Remember that game from middle school?  Stripes?  You know, you had “stripes” (whatever those were) and people could give or take them away, at will?  I think they had something to do with your “cool factor.”  I don’t know; I never had any.  Don’t ask me.

I’ve had this striped shirt for YEARS.  It was one of those shirts that just didn’t work.  The sleeves were way too tight around my arms and in college I tried to “let out” the sleeves, and when that didn’t work, the shirt just sat in my closet for years.  Poor shirt; I couldn’t wear it, but I just loved the stripes, so I couldn’t bear to get rid of it (Hoarder much?).  One day this summer, I got bored, so I randomly ripped the sleeves off the shirt, hemmed the edges, and now I have a wearable sleeveless shirt!  I may have never had any stripes, but if you ever need your sleeves ripped off, I’m your girl.

cardigan: Target

shirt: Forever 21 (old)

pants: Charlotte Russe (old – thrifted)

leopared flats: Target (old)

necklace: Francesca’s

bracelets: the beaded bracelets were gifts and the wrap bracelet is from Francesca’s

umbrella: Target

Go Big or Go Home


Well, here we go.  In past blogs I’ve given a long drawn out explanation of my blog, and blah blah.  Let’s just get to it, shall we?

Apparently today was, “Incorporate as many trends as possible into one outfit” Day.  Did you not get that memo?  See, what I like to do in my everyday life is constantly set the bar so high that I’ll never be able to reach it again.  It’s like a self-fullfiling prophecy.  Or something.  Shut up, I only got a 3 on my AP Psych test in high school.

Chambray shirt: Target

Green skinnies: Target

leopard flats: Target (old)

belt: Forever 21

necklace: vintage

cardigan: Gap

And for those of you who are like, “OMG, I’m surprised her hair’s not in a bun too!” …..