Remember that game from middle school?  Stripes?  You know, you had “stripes” (whatever those were) and people could give or take them away, at will?  I think they had something to do with your “cool factor.”  I don’t know; I never had any.  Don’t ask me.

I’ve had this striped shirt for YEARS.  It was one of those shirts that just didn’t work.  The sleeves were way too tight around my arms and in college I tried to “let out” the sleeves, and when that didn’t work, the shirt just sat in my closet for years.  Poor shirt; I couldn’t wear it, but I just loved the stripes, so I couldn’t bear to get rid of it (Hoarder much?).  One day this summer, I got bored, so I randomly ripped the sleeves off the shirt, hemmed the edges, and now I have a wearable sleeveless shirt!  I may have never had any stripes, but if you ever need your sleeves ripped off, I’m your girl.

cardigan: Target

shirt: Forever 21 (old)

pants: Charlotte Russe (old – thrifted)

leopared flats: Target (old)

necklace: Francesca’s

bracelets: the beaded bracelets were gifts and the wrap bracelet is from Francesca’s

umbrella: Target


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