Fall Uniform and the Indiana Authors Awards Dinner

Okay, hi, Fall.  Thanks for finally showing up.  My skinnies, oversized shirts, Toms, and scarves were getting lonely in my closet.  Mow they are being worn, and they are happy.  And I am happy.

jeggings – Gap (last year)

shirt – Urban Outfitters (last year)

scarf – Target

On a less weird note, I had the opportunity (and by opportunity, I mean I bought a ticket, took a shower, and drove) to go to the Indiana Author Awards dinner Saturday night.  It was a such a cool event.  Not only did I get to dress up (this is about as “business attire” as a I get), but I got to mingle with adults!

I love this dress, but it is the worst wrinkled dress ever.  I spent 10 painstaking minutes trying to iron out every last wrinkle, and when I got out of the car, it looked like I had never ironed it.  *sigh* At least I was surrounded by fellow flakey writers and English nerds, so I doubt anyone noticed.

dress – Target (last year)

blazer/clutch – see this post

leopard heels – Target (find here – I adore these heels; they are so comfy, and I am NOT a heel wearer)

In addition to drinks and adult conversation, I got some swag and, most importantly, I got to hear JOHN GREEN speak!!  Here is the one terrible picture I was able to snap on my phone:

Each seat got a free book, and at the end of the night, they gave away the centerpieces:


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