Holy print mixing, Batman!

So I’ll be honest, I love print mixing as much as the next lady, but today was sort of by accident.  Stripes and floral scarves is one of my favorite combinations, but the shoes…well, the shoes just happened to be on the floor…where I happned to walk.  They ended up on my feet.  I had barely enough time this morning to look in the mirror and confirm that I was indeed wearing clothes, let alone make sure they matched.  Once I got to work, however, I noted that I actually kind of like how it turned out.

Consequently, I forgot that I actually hate these shoes.  I love the way they look, but I dislove the way they feel.  They’ve got those elastic/scrunchy heels that not only tear up your feet, but also thrust your feet forward and smash your toes into the front of the shoe.  No bueno; however, I must say that Band-aid’s Friction Block is my new best friend.

cropped pants: Target (find here – for those of you keeping track, yes, I own these pants in 3 different colors)

shirt: J. Crew Factory (last fall)

shoes: Target

And now…the “Who Needs Instragram?” picture of the day:


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