Make Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches

Recently I decided I need to stop eating cookies for breakfast (literally) and get back to a healthy lifestyle. Sounds great in theory, but because I’m often running out the door in the morning at the last possible second, I need something on the go.

Enter Pinterest (of course). I found this blog with step by step instructions on how to assemble and freeze breakfast sandwiches and even how to make your own turkey sausage! You can find the actual recipes at the link above. I’m just going to show you pictures of my little adventure because at the end of the day, isn’t that just what we really want?

First step is to bake those eggs and try to overlook the fact that it grosses you out a little.


Meanwhile, all recipes start with ingredients. Let’s get started on that turkey sausage.


All those spices get mixed with applesauce – sounds weird but really gives the turkey that sweet breakfast flavor.


Form that meat into patties, throw on the stove, and voila! I was nervous about how this would turn out, but they are seriously delicious!


Once you’ve toasted your (whole wheat) English muffins (which by the way helped me build my case to the mister as to why we need a 4 slice toaster), assemble those babies!



Last step is to wrap ’em, bag ’em, and label ’em.


I couldn’t help myself and had one for lunch today – yum.


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