Sole Society!

I’ve had my eye on Sole Society for awhile, but have yet to make a purchase.  Until now.  I just ordered two pairs of shoes, and I’m pumped. 

Get it??  Pumped?!  Are you sure?  I can explain it if you need me to.  Just let me know.

I purchased these beauties:


And these:


So what’s in it for you?  Glad you asked, computer.  By me referring other people, YOU get 20% off!  Click here for your first-purchase discount.

Happy shopping!  Your feet will thank you.


Disclaimer: I have absolutely zero affiliation with Sole Society.  I am simply excited about my new shoes and thought I’d share the love.  You’re welcome.   Also, I may or not get $25 towards another purchase if someone I refer orders; however, if you order, you’ll get the same deal if YOU refer someone else!  And that, my friends, is what the “Circle of Life” in The Lion King was referring to.  Wait?  What?  Just go buy shoes.


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