That’s Pinteresting: Mean Muggin’

Like most females (so it seems), I could waste hours on Pinterest, pinning my dream house, kitchen, wardrobe, etc.  However, very rarely do I actually try all the recipes and crafts I pin.  Enter “That’s Pinteresting,” a feature in which I will challenge myself to create something from Pinterest at (the very) least once a month, if not more often.

My first try was mug snacks!

I found this pin for mug mac and cheese awhile ago, and it’s been re-pinned from me over 1500 times!  I decided it was finally time for me to try something so popular.  Let’s do this.

First, add your pasta.  I love Hodgson Mill Brown Rice Pasta (gluten free).


Why yes, I do have a mug of my dog’s breed.  Haters.  

Next, add your H20.


The recipe says to microwave anywhere from 4-5 minutes; however, It took me about 5.5 minutes to cook my pasta, and I had to add a bit more water towards the end.  I’m thinking this is because I used rice pasta – it typically takes a bit longer to cook thoroughly.

Next, it’s my favorite – CHEESE (made from 2% milk, of course).  I may have added a bit more than called for.  What?


Add yo’milk.


Stir it all up – doesn’t look too appealing now, but just you wait.

mac and cheese mix

Microwave for another minute, stir it all up, and you’re good to go!

mac and cheese

My mac’n’cheese was a little soupy at first – probably because I used too much cheese – but after letting it sit for a minute or so, it thickened up and was pretty delicious!

I enjoyed this mac and cheese a lot, especially because I used real ingredients and not some powered crap.  However, I didn’t love how long this took.  If I want a single serving of delicious mac and cheese, I’ll make this again; however, if I want a quick snack, I might make something else.

But I didn’t stop there.

From the original website, I found more mug recipes, and decided to try a chocolate peanut butter mug cake!

I gathered all my ingredients, which did not include the brown sugar called for.  We were out, so I used regular sugar instead.

cake ingredients

Instead of regular peanut butter, I used 2 tablespoons of PB2 and one tablespoon of water.  Much easier to mix and much  fewer calories.    Really great for smoothies!


Mix it all up and add some chocolate chips (of course).

cake batter

What I loved best about this recipe is that it only takes ONE minute in the microwave!


Okay, so not the best cake ever, but for a 3 minute snack, it hit the spot.  I’m hoping maybe it would taste better with the brown sugar the recipe calls for?  I’d be willing to try this again.

Original recipes: Mug Mac and Cheese and Mug Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

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