Green smoothies!

I tried the green smoothie craze a couple years ago, but back then I had a crappy blender…so imagine a smoothie with chunks of chopped up spinach. I’m sure you can imagine why I never made another.

But now…now I have a blender that actually blends (wedding gift), so I decided to try again.

I rounded up my ingredients. On the right is a frozen, chopped banana. I prepped this earlier in the morning.


Threw them all except the yogurt in the blender (I read a suggestion to add it last so as not to get a foamy smoothie)…


I poured my green concoction into a chilled mug (to stay colder longer)…





It really is good! It was not as sweet as I expected, but I really liked it. Now my goal is to lay off all the frappuccinos and drink these instead (she types as she sips on a frappuccino).

Find the actual recipe from Skinnytaste here.



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