The Forgotten: Fuchsia Cap Toe Pumps

I can admit that I am a typical melodramatic girl at times in that I constantly complain that I have “nothing to wear.” Clearly, that’s not true; however, I am guilty of hoarding certain items that I never wear. Because of this, I’m going to challenge myself to style those forgotten items in an effort to broaden my closet. If I can’t, then I’ll get rid of them. Maybe.

First up, fuchsia cap toe pumps from Target. I first saw these here, and some time later, I snagged them on clearance for $10 (pssst…I bought the navy pair too). Great deal, but I rarely wear heels to work, since I’m on my feet all day.

Here’s what I came up with:


#1: Double Denim


#2: Casual Blazer


#3: Work Approps



I think my favorite is #2.  It’s the most “me” out of all of them.  Also, please excuse the poor picture quality; I’m presently trying out different iPhone photo editing apps, and it was too cold to shoot outside.  Any suggestions?



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