Farewell, Chicago

Chicago was fun as always and now I’m on a very early train back to Indiana to meet up with my family to do the Easter thing.

Though we stayed right downtown at the Silversmith, we actually spent quite a bit of time in Wrigleyville. We did a little Goose Island.


Turkey burger with avocado – yum.

We got lots of sass at…




We of course did a little obligatory Bean action.


After all that, I of course dragged the mister down Michigan Ave to spend all our money do a little shopping. But I think my favorite moments were last night. We went back to Wrigleyville, and before we laughed our asses off at IO (which I thought was much better than Second City), we tried a tapas place called Twist. Brett kept trying to get me to just eat at any old random bar, but I’m so glad we held out for Twist – it was divine.

I started off with a mojito (of course).


We had beef skewers and chicken meatballs with mashed potatoes…



But the best part? Oh my god, the best part was the mac and cheese. I can’t even tell you how good this was. I’ll just show you a picture (that doesn’t do it justice).


A late night red line back to our hotel….


And here we are…already headed back home. Until next time, Chicago.



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