Life Goals

Some girls are born list-makers, and some girls wish they were.  I am of the latter.  I try to make to-do lists (and sometimes lists OF to-do lists), but I typically never follow through.  In the spirit of CHANGE, I have sat down and made a list of goals I have for my blog and for the near future.  If I put it on the interweb, it HAS to happen, right??


In no particular order…


1. Time for the blog layout to get a face lift.

2. Create a regular schedule for posts.  Not necessarily a theme each day, per se, but a more routine of the kinds of posts I want.  I feel like right now my blog is sort of random, and that I have moved from a fashion blog to a lifestyle blog, which I am okay with.

3. Create a weekly cleaning schedule for the house, sort of like this or this.  I hate the thought of being a “housewife,” but with my free time, there really will be no excuse not to have a clean house.

4. Work on the various sewing projects I want to do (and blog about them, of course).  Possibly take more sewing classes.

5. Continue my photography class I’m taking and continue to create better pictures.

6. Continue taking pop-up art classes.

7. Begin researching prospective grad schools and masters programs (I currently have no idea which direction I’d like to go).

8. Possibly look for an easy second job, if I find I can’t get enough hours at my restaurant job (although I should be able to).

9. Read! Lots of books!

10. Start writing (non-blog) again!


I’m sure I have more, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  This weekend I will be away, meeting my friend Archana, from Awkward Curry, in LA!  We have A LOT of fun things planned, so I should have an awesome wrap-up post up here when I return.


image (2)


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