LA Trip: Saturday Day

Here is another installment of my recent trip to LA with Archana of Awkward Curry. Saturday was such a jam packed day that I decided to split it into two posts. Here is what we did during the day!

We started the day with breakfast at an awesome little place I found on Yelp called Grub. It was such a quirky little place, and I knew we had made the right choice when we were immediately served a bowl of various types of dry cereal as an “appetizer.” Cute.

Left: What’s breakfast without mimosas? Right: Some of the quirky decor.

From breakfast, we headed to Hollywood Blvd. where we did some light shopping while we waited for our tour to begin. We did walk around Grauman’s Chinese Theater a bit, but the sun was SO intense during this time that it wasn’t very enjoyable to walk around anymore, so we headed inside to the candy store where we were to wait and spend all of our money for the tour to start. This store had some cool stuff, but nothing I was willing to actually buy.


Finally it was time for the tour! We had decided we wanted to go on the quirkiest tour we could find, so we chose the Haunted Hollywood tour through Starline Tours. Perhaps it was a little too quirky because it was comprised of us and only 2 other girls.

The tour was interesting. We saw places where celebrities had died or been murdered. Our guide also pointed out random places as well, such as places where certain movies had been filmed or random celebrity homes. The following are an assortment of photos that I took on the tour. These were the places I found most interesting, but also the places I actually remember, as I had several more pictures on my phone but I couldn’t remember the significance of them!

The intersection where the opening scene of Rebel Without a Cause was filmed. Right photo source

A shot of the Hollywood Hills (which I love) and the famous Whiskey A Go Go (Jim Morrison’s spirit is said to still hang out here).

Top: The house where the Osbournes lived while filming their reality show. Afterwards, they sold it to Christina Aguilera, who just recently sold it. Bottom: The gate to Ringo Starr’s current home. Love the iron stars.

Here’s the morbid stuff – Top: The property that was the site of the Sharon Tate party murders. The actual house was torn down in 1994, and this mansion was built on the property. It is currently for sale, but no one wants to live there because of all the bad vibes. Supposedly Sharon Tate’s spirit still roams about, asking about her baby. You can read about the horrible murders here (which I personally find fascinating, in a non-creepy way…I used to want to be a criminal psychologist) and the history of the original home here. Bottom: The house where Michael Jackson died. This is the window to the bedroom where his body was found.

Top: The main house used in the original Nightmare on Elm Street film. This modest home was purchased last month for $2.1 million. Bottom: The other house used in the film. This is the house where Johnny Depp’s character lived. You can read more about both of these locations here.

We got off the tour bus for a walking tour of the beautiful Westwood Village Memorial Cemetery. Here are just a few of the celebrities buried here.

One of the coolest things to me was seeing where Marilyn Monroe is buried. I would have had added my pucker to the rest, but I didn’t have any lipstick on me! The empty space to the left of her grave belongs to Hugh Hefner, who will be buried there when he dies. I just recently found this interesting article about tomb above Marilyn’s.

Top: The gate to the famous Greystone Mansion. This place is said to be very haunted and was the inspiration for Disney’s Haunted Mansion. It was also a filming location for many films, including Batman and Robin, The Witches of Eastwick, the ’90s Dark Shadows series, and The Social Network. Also, the bowling alley in the basement is where the famous scene (possible spoilers) in There Will be Blood was filmed. Bottom: The bottom right window is the hotel room where Janis Joplin died.

After our tour, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for that night…

All picture collages were made with Picstitch


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