LA Trip: Saturday Night

We knew that for a Saturday night vacationing in LA, we wanted to go out, so we pre-booked appointments at DryBar and Blushington, which conveniently happen to be situated right next to each other on Sunset.

I love the concept of these specialized boutiques. For $95* each, we got shampoos, scalp massages, and blow outs at Dry Bar and full faces of airbrush makeup at Blushington. Obviously, I would not ever do something like this normally, but for vacay, I was willing to spurge!

At DryBar, Arch chose the…


And I chose the…


Then we walked right over to Blushington and got our faces done. I may or may not have taken a few bathroom selfies.


We took one last Instagram selfie of ourselves all dolled up while we waited for our Uber ride…


…then we headed to Sur!

Before planning our trip, I had never heard of Sur, and I had only briefly heard of Vanderpump Rules. One of Arch’s friends suggested Sur, and it was only through Yelp reviews that I realized this place had some sort of fame attached to it. The ambience was right for the type of evening we wanted, so TV show or no, we made reservations. The meal may have been more fun had I watched the show ahead of time, but since we only saw one person from the show, I guess I’m glad I had no prior knowledge because I would have ended up disappointed!


The restaurant itself was great! We had a couple of cocktails at the bar while waiting for our table (we were early for our reservation), but we didn’t have to wait long and were seated soon outside on the patio. Our waiter was Peter from the show (although we didn’t know that at the time), who was super nice, if not a bit quiet.


Arch had the Ahi Tuna ( which she said was good), and I had the Lemon Chicken Piccata (also good).


After dinner, we discovered the infamous Pink Sur Car, and we of course had to be touristy.



After dinner, we joined up with the Hollywood Club Crawl, and went to Couture and Boulevard 3.




And we called it a night! Brunch at Lola’s tomorrow!

*The price of $95 does not include tax, gratuity, and the free airbrush special we took advantage of.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with DryBar or Blushington – just a fan.


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