Target Haul, Y’all!

My Target addiction is real, and sometimes it’s rampant. I’ve cut back lately due to (an attempt at) budgeting, so it’s been awhile since I’ve come home with a haul. That changed yesterday, and obviously the point of the interwebs is to share things that no one gives a crap about, right?


I had just about made it to the check out lanes when I passed the candle aisle…of course my “new fall scents” radar went off. Since I’m dying for fall, and it still feels like summer, I can light these babies in my home, close my eyes, and imagine I’m carving a pumpkin while riding around on a hay ride. Actually, that sounds sort of dangerous….knives on hayrides. Settle down.


I’ve just finished week one of my second round of P90X (the first round being over 2 years ago…who’s counting?). I decided rather than do laundry, I’d just buy myself some new sports bras. Adulthood? What’s that?


Speaking of laundry, I can NEVER find socks. Like, ever. I rarely do loads of whites, so I figured I’d be more likely to wash my socks (and therefore be able to actually use them) if I could throw them in with my dark clothes. Additionally, I still refuse to wear comfortable shoes to work (style over comfort always wins with me), so I’m trying out a new pair of insoles. I also apparently just turned 70.


Another impulse purchase. Did I need more dish towels? Not at all. Do I love puns? Absolutely. These aren’t even very good towels, but at least it makes me laugh.


I honesty can’t even remember why I bought the hair clips…I just remember doing my hair once and lamenting that I didn’t have any. Also, please note that yes, yes I do, have to purchase the lightest shade of powder. Shut up.


Lastly, a little preview of some clothes I bought. I went in specifically for the black and white striped piece and ended up grabbing the other two. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve already seen two of the three. Lucky duck.

Now I would like to share with you an amazing pair of leggings that I am regretting not having purchased.


What was your latest Target purchase? Do you have any of the items above?


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