Gift of the Magi

I’ve been really wanting a keyboard for my iPad to make blogging easier. I bought a cheaper, non-Apple keyboard at Target, but I couldn’t get it to “pair correctly.” After some research, I discovered that with the newer iPads, you can really only use one specific keyboard: the expensive wireless Apple keyboard, of course. So, I bought one today.

Guess what?

Couldn’t get it to connect! Of course. Finally, it randomly connected. Hooray!

But then.

Then…I started having wireless issues. My iPad, which has never had trouble connecting to wireless, suddenly couldn’t do it. So now I can type on my new keyboard but cannot connect to the internet. Or I can connect to the internet but cannot type on my new keyboard. Am I missing something? Am I not allowed to have wifi and bluetooth connections at the same time? If not, then what is the point of it all?

I mean, really.


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