My Last Minute Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween. Love it. I’ve always been one to eschew the sexy ladybug or sexy real estate agent costumes for ones that are more obscure or controversial. Even though I try to put as much thought and detail into my costumes as possible, year after year I find myself waiting until the last possible minute. Whether it’s the day before or a couple hours before, I’m always scrambling around putting the finishing touches on.

Sadly, I didn’t really get a chance to dress up this year. Life has been hectic, and my friends and I didn’t really do anything Halloween-y this year. As a result, I decided to post some of my favorite (last minute) past Halloween costumes. These were all either put together just days or hours before the festivities, but I love them all. In keeping with my history of Halloween procrastination, I thought it only appropriate to post this at the last Halloween minute as well. You’re welcome.

Pregnant ’50s Housewife


Complete with tailored dress, demure handbag, red lipstick, and, of course, a martini, fake cigarette, and M&Ms as “Mother’s Little Helper.” I had a blast in this costume and felt pretty glamorous (for having a pillow stuffed in my dress).

Pin Up Girl


One year I painstakingly created an Edie Sedgwick costume (unfortunately, I can’t find a picture). I looked awesome, but no one at the party knew who I was (ugh, Millennials), so the next night I threw together a pin-up girl costume with clothes from my closet. The hardest part was the rolled bangs. Luckily, we happened to have a large American flag to complete my costume. Brett was Bob Ross – great costume!

Hipster Ariel


Last year I just wasn’t feeling it. I had no ideas and little motivation. After watching this YouTube video though, I ransacked my closet to put together this costume. The only thing I had to buy were the green jeans and the green craft foam that I made the starfish out of (hot glued to a bobby pin).

And finally, my favorite: Toddler Beauty Pageant Contestant


I had had a “Toddlers in Tiaras” idea in my head for a while but couldn’t really find anything to make it it happen. I found this car hop costume for rent at a local costume shop and it was perfect! Brett was Freddy Mercury – pretty epic.

There you have it – hope my ideas aren’t too late, but let’s face it: it’s 6pm on Halloween and you’re contemplating cutting two holes in a white sheet, aren’t you?

Happy Halloween!


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