Dressed Up Sweatshirt




Can I just say that I am LOVING that fancy sweatshirts are so popular right now. It’s like I can schlep around in what is basically a pajama top, but as long as it has fancy sleeves or a pretty pattern on the front, I’m fashionable. I’ll take it! Originally I was going to just dress my sweatshirt up with a necklace, but since I’ve worn it so many times this week around the house (quiet, you do it too), it was starting to get a little stretched out. Belted waist it is. Add that to yesterday’s polka dot jeans, and I think we have a winner (or at least something that passes as clothing).

Sweatshirt: Forever21 / It’s new, but I can’t find it on the website – here’s something very similar
Jeans: Target
Belt: Target / similar 1, similar 2
Necklace: vintage (see worn here on my very first post and my wedding)
Boots: Charlotte Russe / similar

PS: If you haven’t joined up with The Take One Pass It On Challenge, what are you waiting on? Christmas? (If so, that’s 49 days away – we’ll be done by then.)



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