Key West Trip: Thursday


As I said before, this trip was such a wonderful whirlwind! We really did feel like VIPs, as was the company’s goal. As soon as we landed at the tiny Key West airport, we were handed a tropical beverage and whisked away on a golf cart to receive a brief tour of the island.


Afterwards, we arrived at the Crowne Plaza La Concha (which has been open since 1926).


We were given yet another pretty drink and shown to our room, where we found this:


And this:


After oohing and ahhing over our goodies, we headed to the Pier House to receive our complimentary spa treatments. We both chose massages, and boy do I have a story for you at a later time. (Let’s just say I will soon have a great addition to my post on why I’m bad at getting massages.) Once finished, we had just enough time to head back to the room, shower, and enjoy a drink in the room before heading to the opening night beach gala. We enjoyed drinks, food, and merriment, and then we headed back to the room so I could change into jeans and head out for a night on Duval Street. I may have taken a bathroom selfie or two…

Cool charger cord!

We spent the evening at Irish Kevins, where we probably stayed out a little too late. When we returned to our room, we found this!


Next up: a day of water activities and a ghost tour!

And for the rest of my outfit photos…I passed on my big, silver necklace that sort of makes me feel like She-Ra Priness of Power. I had packed a “fancier” dress for Thursday night, but I found out from others that the event maybe wouldn’t be as formal as I had thought. As a result, I decided to go for more of a beach-y look with my flowy chiffon skirt. I lacked a proper shirt to wear with it, so I had the idea to tuck a peplum shirt in and cinch it all with a belt – voila!



Excuse the low lighting – it was dark by the time we were able to take proper photos!

Peplum top: Target (they are out of this particular pattern though – here’s a shirt with a similar pattern)
Skirt: Lauren Conrad
Sandals: Grecia from JustFab
Necklace: H&M
Belt: Target



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