Key West Trip: Wednesday/Thursday Morning


Last Wednesday was a whirlwind of a day. I had to finish packing (which I’m awful at), drop the dog off at a friend’s house, exchange a defective necklace at H&M (a later outfit), and get my hair done. Directly after my hair, I went home, where Brett picked my luggage and me up, and drove us to the hotel where he works. We were then whisked off to the airport in a towncar. From Indy we flew to Orlando, where we spent the night.

Weird way to travel, huh?

I guess I maybe never explained why I went to to Key West. Brett (the mister) is a sales manager at a downtown hotel. Every year, his company hosts an incentive trip for those who make a certain percentage or higher of their yearly goals. This year, Brett got to go. We had been so excited about this trip because, from what we had heard, they truly want their employees to experience the VIP treatment. Because the company paid for everything, I am sure when they booked flights, they were looking for the most cost effective option, perhaps not the most efficient. Hence the stopover in Orlando, which we had no complaints about. An additional night away from home? Sold.

Especially since when we arrived to our room, we were greeted with this:


Since we arrived in Orlando pretty late, we only really had time for dinner, so we had a pretty good meal at the Sea Dog Brewery.


I had to try a flight, and I was not disappointed.


I mean, how cute is that? A chalkboard flight. The pumpkin ale was rimmed with spices, and the blueberry ale had actual blueberries in it. Adorable. Unfortunately, it was too late to play this before we left:


Next time, next time. The next morning, we were up early for our flight to Key West! Stay tuned for more!

And now for more outfit pictures. As I explained yesterday, I got mixed up and forgot to take pictures of this outfit. I actually wore this to the airport Wednesday…and ended up recreating it when I got home for pictures. (pics or it didn’t happen…right?) I passed on yesterday’s leggings.




Leggings: Loft
Blouse: F21
Necklace: H&M
Moccasins: Minnetonka in Dusty Brown
Bracelet: H&M / similar
Bag: Magic Kingdom from JustFab



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