Key West Trip: Friday/Saturday


Warning: This post is a looooong one. If you’re only interested in my outfit, then scroll on down.

Welcome to the last installment of my Key West trip! Rather than drag it out longer, I decided to condense the last two days into one post, mainly because I don’t have any outfit pictures from Friday. Overachiever or underachiever?


Friday morning was a bit rough due to the late bedtime the night before, but we dragged ourselves to breakfast and then headed out for a day of water activities in the ocean. The company rented a “Do-It-All” boat, which included a water trampoline, snorkeling, kayaking, that longboard thing you stand on while you paddle (anyone?), a banana boat, water skiing, jet skiing, big inflatables to climb on, and….parasailing! Naturally, we opted for the latter, since neither of us have ever done it. It. Was. Amazing. We did pay for a disc of photos, but being the slacker I am, I’ve yet to upload them. So for the time being…

(insert parasailing photo here)

I do, however, have this picture:


Of course, once we got back to the hotel, we were greeted with yet another surprise:


After we devoured the goodies, naps were had, followed by a quick dinner and…a ghost tour! This was the one thing I really wanted to do while we there. I did some research on Trip Advisor and finally settled on the Ghost and Mysteries company, mainly because I read that the tour guide wasn’t worried about gimmicks and cheap scares like the other companies. I wasn’t in the mood for cheesy costumes or lame scare tactics. The only downside was that it was raining, but we forged on anyway…

Our tour guide was awesome; he was a great storyteller, but he also seemed to “keep it real,” which I appreciated. He didn’t seem to be trying to “ohh” and “ahh” us but more so just educate and fascinate us. The first thing he told us was to take as many pictures as we could and to always take two pictures of something, that way if we thought we saw something interesting in a photo, we’d have a second photo to compare to. We took a lot of photos, but only Brett was able to pick up something of interest. According to our guide, he picked up some ectoplasm on one of his pictures. It’s not just the lighting or something else because it’s not in the other picture. I’ll let you be the judge…


I’m still a skeptic, but it’s definitely weird. We also learned about Robert the Doll (this video gives me the creeps), Club Chameleon (which is where the above photo was taken – I couldn’t find actual info, but this links to another blog that does a good job recounting the story the tour guide told us, even though she used a different tour), Carl Tanzler, and the ghost of the Hard Rock Cafe. Like I said, I’m still skeptical but definitely intrigued. This might have been my favorite part of the whole trip!


Saturday was sort of our “tourist day.” We visited The Hemingway House and then just sort of wandered around town, ending up at the pool. The Hemingway House was certainly interesting! It’s a beautiful house, and it was so cool to walk around the home of one of the country’s most famous and influential writers (my little brother is super jealous). Instead of doing all the talking, I’ll just let my photos speak for me.

Clockwise: the dining room fireplace, photos of Hemingway of varying ages, photos of all of his wives, lovers, and children

The cats! I was tad creeped out by so many cats wandering around, but they said about half of them directly descended from Hemingway’s cats. I also loved the cat house that is an exact replica of the real house.

Clockwise, starting top left: 1. When Hemingway’s wife built a swimming pool, he was so mad he gave her this penny and said, “You may as well have my last red cent, too!” She placed it in the still wet cement, where it remains today. 2. This is Hemingway’s personal toilet that overlooked the front of the house. I took this photo from the balcony. Supposedly he would look outside while on the toilet and call out to people he saw walking by. 3. A fountain made out of the urinal Hemingway brought home in retalliation the night of the pool building debacle. 4. Hemingway’s desk in his writing studio. This is my favorite photo.

Saturday night was our closing trip dinner and another night out on the town!

The Smallest Bar

Sloppy Joes (Hemingway’s favorite) & Captain Tony’s (home of the “hanging tree” and the location of the original Sloppy Joes)

And then we went home on Sunday! I’m sure at this point, you’ve fallen asleep, but real quick, here’s the rest of my outfit! I passed on yesterday’s sandals (playing it safe). If you’ve made it this far, gold star for you. Or you’re just reallllly bored at work. Either way, I’ll take it!




Tunic: Target / sort of similar
Shorts: Forever 21 / similar
Sandals: Grecia from JustFab
Cardigan: Target
Necklace: Forever 21
Purse: JC Penny / similar



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