I Cheated


So…on Sunday I was pretty ill for all the traveling I did back to Indy. I was in no state for pictures. Once I got home, I thought about recreating my outfit, but I had been wearing the shorts from yesterday’s outfit and I was now back in 35 degree weather. No thanks. I decided to get crafty and thought, “Hmmm…distressed denim shorts….how about TAKING those distressed shorts and PASSING THEM ON appropriately for cold weather in the form of distressed jeans?”


Anyone anyone? What’s that, you say? Perfect? I thought so.




So I mentioned before that I had to exchange this necklace. Once I got it home, I realized there was a defect in that there were two spikes right next to each other (missing a bead in between). I was going to just live with it, but I put it on and it looked stupid, since one of the the spikes was sticking up. I went back to H&M and returned it, in which the cashier gave a little laugh and said, “That’s kind of funny.” I might have laughed too had I not had a flight to catch in 4 hours. And, of course, I just haaad to exchange it before my trip and then I didn’t even end up wearing it in Florida.


Jeans: American Eagle / similar
Oxford: Nordstrom Rack / similar (25% off with code WINTER)
Sweater: Nordstrom Rack / similar
Shoes: Target / similar
Necklace: H&M / brand new but it’s not on their website…check your local store / similar



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2 thoughts on “I Cheated

  1. Rachel January 15, 2014 at 11:27 am Reply

    Love your sweater and these ripped jeans are super cute!

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