Let’s Be Friends







Today I put on this outfit and felt all dressed up with nowhere to go.  Literally.  I always feel like I have to leave the house for my outfit to “count” (for whom I don’t know); however, I had no interest in battling Black Friday crowds.  Let’s just say I was the best dressed person at Starbucks today.  Speaking of Black Friday, I feel like all the other wonderful bloggers have you covered with Black Friday sale alerts, so I’m going to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote myself.  I just recently made a Facebook page for this little blog, so I thought I’d outline all the ways you can connect to me.  So let’s be friends!  Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?



If you’d like to subscribe to my blog so you can keep up with posts as I write them, then find me on Bloglovin’!  You can also see which blogs I am subscribed to.



On Facebook, I post links to my posts as well as share other posts I enjoy.  I may throw interesting articles on there or let you know about sales I come across (I’m so nice).



Twitter is where I let more of my awkward (sometimes inappropriate) sense of humor come out in the form of random thoughts from my brain or retweets.  I tend to not filter myself as much on Twitter, so if you enjoy racy jokes and wonderful puns, follow me on Twitter!



On Instagram I mainly post pictures of my dog and my outfit previews, but occasionally I may even post a picture of food!  If you want to see bad vintage-y looking photos of totally necessary aspects of my life, then head on over to Instagram.



I could seriously pin for hours.  I mainly use Pinterest for outfit inspiration and recipes, but I also like to pin DIY projects I’ll never do and home décor I’ll never be able to afford.  I love seeing other people’s pins, especially style inspiration, so follow me on Pinterest; I’ll follow you back, and we can pin together and sing together and braid each other’s hair.*

*We will not actually do those last two things.  Unless you, like, really want to.

somewhat similar sweater I similar tunic I skirt (no longer available in black) I necklace (no longer available from J.Crew, but I got mine here last year) I similar boots (on sale) I tights I                    lip color in “Cherry Tart”

And if you’re still keeping track, I passed on yesterday’s printed tunic.  Tomorrow will be my last TOPIO outfit, and I plan on coming back full circle.  Stay tuned!



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2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Friends

  1. charnellegardiner December 1, 2013 at 5:53 am Reply

    Nice look! Love the cardi. Please take a look and follow my style blog! charnellegeraldine.wordpress.com 🙂

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