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Our Wedding 03 I The Little Details

This is the third installment of my trip down Memory Lane for my wedding, which happened a year ago on December 22.  See posts one and two.

It was very important to me, both personally and financially, that our wedding have as many little personal touches as possible, including family heirlooms, DIY aspects, and just quirky little things that we love.  I made quite a few things for our wedding (with lots of help!), but also relied heavily on wonderful shops on Etsy.  This post will highlight all the little details as well as link to vendors when possible.  Enjoy!

(Hey, I heard you haven’t checked out our photographer yet.  What are you waiting for??  All photos, unless otherwise specified, were taken by her.)

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The Accessories

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My shoes were from Seychelles via Ebay (sort of similar)

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My necklace was vintage that I found a few years ago at Rag-o-Rama 

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My clutch was from Target (similar).

brittney and brett-get ready-0030

My hair flower pin was from the Etsy shop Lucyohlucy.

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My veil was from the Etsy shop FineNFleurie.

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I ordered these hairpins as part of my bridesmaids’ gifts from the Etsy shop TopWedding.

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The only garter I wore was an IU garter (naturally).  They actually sell them on the official online store!  Since Brett went to Purdue, I kept this a secret from him until we did the garter toss.

View More: first, including our dog in the ceremony was a joke; then it became a reality.  I ordered his bowtie collar from the Etsy shop ButterPups, and it was actually one of the first things I purchased when planning our wedding.

The Flowers

Honestly, flowers were not at the top of my priority list.  Originally, we were gong to try to get by without them or try to make our own fake flowers.  Eventually though, I realized that they were a necessity, and we were lucky enough to find and work with the local Indy shop, Lilly Lane.  Lilly Lane worked with our budget and took my vision and ran with it.  I wanted a vintage feel, but very minimal looking.  I didn’t want a lot of frilly colorful flowers, just natural greenery with a pop of yellow and peacock feathers.  We had a lot of natural branches, eucalyptus, and spruces.  I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome, and I cannot recommend Lilly Lane enough!

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photo (21)

My bouquet was very special to me because it was wrapped in a handkerchief given to me by my grandmother

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The girls basically had a smaller version of my bouquet.  

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The boutonnieres

The Stationary

We did not budget a lot for stationary, but I still wanted our invitations to look quality. I loved our stationary: they reflected us as a couple, were simple, yet stylish, and I think really gave guests a sense of what they would experience at our wedding.

**If you were directed here from Pinterest, looking for the actual invitation, I have taken it  down as a precaution due to copyright.

photo (19)

We had fun reading our response cards.  We had replies anywhere from “I can’t believe you’re serving children” to “10,000 children” to “I get a whole chicken?!”  (Photo taken with my iPhone)

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We designed our programs ourselves with the help of one of Brett’s co-workers. We just had them printed at Staples, and we (painstakingly) tied all the string ourselves.

photo (20)

We obviously didn’t NEED to offer menus at our reception, but for such a small price (compared to everything else), I think it was a nice touch.  We completely made these ourselves: we designed them on Microsoft Word (!) and had them printed and cut at Staples.  Super easy!  (PS: This photo was taken with my iPhone, hence the crappy quality.)

The Miscellaneous

I spent many a weekend scouring Goodwills, buying so many pictures frames, some used for photos, some painted with chalkboard paint to make signs.

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Instead of drawing and cutting out a million paper lips and moustaches, I ordered them from the Etsy store PartyHQ.  All we had to do was glue them onto super thin dowel rods from a craft store.

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Our venue allowed us to choose a signature cocktail and name it ourselves.  We decided to go with Groundhog Punch, as a nod to our Punxsutawney engagement (a story for another time).

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The head table.  

Instead of a having a long table at the front of the ballroom, we had it running down the middle, with guests’ tables on either side of us.  This made me feel less the center of attention (if that’s possible).  We felt more like we were dining WITH our guests, rather than dining in front of them.  I custom ordered the table runner from Etsy.  Sadly, it looks like this shop no longer exists, but there are quite a few shops that make table runners. 

Our party favors were bon-bons made at the bakery that made our cupcakes.  We got the boxes, ribbons, and tags (for cheap!) from PaperMart.

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I made our cake toppers by painting wood craft Dinosaurs (like this) with chalkboard paint and then gluing them onto dowel rods.   We’re not JUST weird – the dinosaurs tied into our ceremony, which will be my next post.

photo (22)

I hand-wrote and hand-stamped all the namecards like this, with lips for the girls and moustaches for the guys.  I custom ordered the stamps from the Etsy shop Fresh Baked Paper Goods.

photo (23)

Mybridesmaids and I spent hours punching out these paper circles.  I bought a bunch of scrapbook cardstock in our wedding colors, and we used these to cut out the circles.  I then ran them through (and probably ruined) my sewing machine to make the garland.  

I hope some of these details are helpful in planning your own wedding (You know, if that’s what you’re doing)!  Stayed tuned for more!


Our Wedding 02 I The Ladies & The Gents

Welcome to post #2 of our wedding!  If you missed the first one, see here.

One of the most special parts of our big day was sharing it with our closest friends and family: our bridal party.  All of our best friends and siblings stood up with us as we promised to grow old and disgusting together (wink), and that was just so precious to us.

PS: If you haven’t checked out our photographer, Molly Connor, yet, get on over to her website!

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First: My Ladies

It honestly took me quite some time to figure out my color scheme and what I wanted to do for bridesmaid dresses.  I knew that I didn’t want them to all wear the exact same dress, but I went ba

ck and forth between having them all wear different colors of the same dress, different dresses of the same color, or just different dresses altogether.  I ended up finally deciding on different dresses in the same color, which was David Bridal’s “Peacock.”  It was important to me that my girls be able to choose their own dresses to suit their own individual styles and to feel comfortable.  They all looked amazing!

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Archana’s dress, similar here and here

brittney and brett-portraits-0051

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Brittany’s dress

brittney and brett-portraits-0050

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Jessica’s dress

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Just a tad chilly in December!

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Paige’s dress

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Abby’s dress

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Next: The Gents

Because I wanted the entire shebang to have an overall vintage feel, I was really adamant about the guys’ tuxes fitting in as well.  I didn’t want them to wear just your average cookie cutter tux.  In fact, when we first ordered the tuxes, we went with a chocolate brown!  However, that night, I immediately thought, “Seriously?  Brown?  No way.”  We went back the next day and changed to grey.  So glad we did.  I begged Brett to get the upgraded tux, which included a matching vest because to me, that aspect really tied the whole vintage theme together.  We are so, so lucky that we had such an amazing bridal party who were willing to spend their hard earned money on wedding attire!!  The tuxes we chose were Black by Vera Wang.

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Finally: All Together Now!

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More tomorrow!

3 New Year’s Eve Ensembles I Won’t Be Wearing

I’ve never really been one to stress too much over what to wear on New Year’s Eve, no more so than any other night; however, this year I have to work the night of NYE, so of course, I’m longing to wear something super fancy.  I’m very lucky that I can pretty much wear whatever I want to work, and I will gussy myself more than I normally would, but I’m still bummed that I can’t wear a fab pair of heels or carry around a beautiful clutch.  I mean, I could, but a purse would be pointless and my feet would hate me by the end of the night.  Accordingly, I did some online window shopping today and tortured myself by creating three NYE looks that I won’t be able to wear.  I’m a glutton for fashion punishment.

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NYE Fun Flirty

dress I necklace (I have this and love it!) I shoes I bangle I clutch


dress I shoes I clutch I bracelet I necklace

NYE Vintage

dress I bracelet I shoes I earrings I headband I purse

Would you wear any of these outfits?  Which one is your favorite?  I’m leaning towards the Fun & Flirty look, but I think the Vintage look is more my personal style.  What do you think?  Will you be rocking your own amazing NYE outfit, or are you stuck at work or home like me?  Whatever your plans, have fun and be safe!  Don’t forget about the 30×30 challenge, starting January 1!

Our Wedding 01 I The Bride & Groom

Though our first wedding anniversary was over a week ago (12/22), Christmas totally stole my thunder, so I am going to take this week to post a few different aspects of our wedding.  When I was wedding planning in 2012, I relied heavily on blog, web, and Pinterest inspiration, so I hope (in some small way) to be able to return the favor to future brides.  I also just really dig our photos and love any excuse to look at them again.

I will be breaking our wedding up into smaller, more frequent posts, which will hopefully be easier to navigate.  Today we’ll begin with who else?  The bride and groom!  These are some of my favorite photos of the two of us. All photos were taken by the fabulous Molly Connor. PLEASE visit her here!


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brittney and brett-portraits-0001

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Why yes, I did wear Uggs under my dress. You stand outside in a gown for an hour in December and see how your feet feel!

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brittney and brett-family-0096

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And my personal favorite…

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Stay tuned for more!

Sunday Funday 03 I 12.29.13

Last Sunday was my one-year wedding anniversary.  As a result, I didn’t really have a chance to post a Sunday Funday last week. I also wanted to post some wedding pictures, but then Christmas got in the way.  Anywho, enjoy this week’s Sunday Funday!

photo (17)

An art exhibit at The Alexander, where we stayed for our anniversary night

What You May Have Missed on QB in the past 2 weeks:

1. I wore another outfit with a men’s flannel shirt and then discussed my thoughts on borrowing from the Men’s Department

2. I made a video to review my December Birchbox

3. I made it onto the 12/19 Links a la Mode on IFB!

4. 6 Christmas Things I wasted time on found on the Internet

5. My Christmas in Instagram photos

6. Our 2013 Christmas card

7. I’ll be a doing a 30×30 Challenge for the month of January, starting on Wednesday.  Join me, won’t you??

Blog Love

1. Love this pairing of stripes and fur on Dazzle by Day

2. Create an ornament out of your wedding invitation (or anything special type of paper) from AJ Wears Clothes (I’m going to do this for next year!)

3. I don’t consider myself a baseball cap aficionado, but I give this houndstooth cap from Sarah’s Real Life two thumbs up!

Pinteresting Finds

1. Loving this look of denim, stripes, & brights

2. Fudgy Kahlua brownies, anyone?

3. Oh, Jennifer Lawrence, when can we be BFF?

On the Interwebs

1. Enjoy this Tumblr of “Bad Engagement Photos” – sort of like Awkward Family Photos.

2. Have you seen the 2013 YouTube Rewind video?  (2012’s was pretty good, too.)

3. How addicted to Twitter are you?

Today I will be brunching (what else is new) and seeing American Hustle!  How will you be spending your Sunday Funday?  Don’t forget about 30×30 – I’d love for you to join me!

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{{My First Ever}} 30×30 Challenge!

photo (17)

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I’ve been privy to the 30×30 Challenge for a few years now, ever since the lovely Kendi started it back in the day, but I’ve never participated myself.  However, after having a blast with Sarah’s Take One, Pass It On Challenge, I think I’m ready.  I did some searching last night, but couldn’t really find a challenge to join, so I decided to do my own.  Starting January 1, I will have 3 goals:

1. Wear only THIRTY items from my closet (jewelry & other accessories don’t count) for THIRTY days

2. Try my darnedest not to shop during this time

3. Purge my closet and donate or sell a significant amount of clothing in February

You can read more details on the challenge here from Kendi herself.

The best part is that I want YOU to do it with me!  A party’s not a party without friends to share with, right?  Er, something like that.  I just tried to be metaphorical, but I’m not sure it….anyway, join me, won’t you?  We’ll start on Wednesday, New Year’s Day, so you have 4 days to decide on your 30 items.  Yes, I realize that on NYD some of us may be very tired and/or feeling ill from the night before, but you’ll have to put SOMEthing on to go get your morning Starbucks or to head to Denny’s for a hangover breakfast.  It might as well be your first 30×30 outfit!

One of my favorite parts of TOPIO was the camaraderie among the challengers and that Sarah linked up all the participants each week so we could browse each other’s outfits.  So, if you’ll be joining me on this adventure, then please let me know in the comments below, so I can link to you each week!  Even if you don’t have a blog, you can still participate via Instagram or TwitPics. Also, if you happen to be already planning on hosting your own 30×30, let me know, and we can link up together as well!

Like I said, I had so much fun with TOPIO, and I really think it helped make me a better blogger, so let’s do this!

Our 2013 Christmas Card



Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Snapfish.

Christmas (Through a Filter)

How were your holidays?? I can’t believe another Christmas has come and gone (seriously). As I’m assuming you are in a post-Christmas cookie/egg nog coma, I’ll stop now and let my photos do the talking.

I woke up to this yesterday morning:


Macgyver got a new hoodie – I think it suits him.


I finally got the t-shirt I’ve been wanting.


The tree at my mom’s house.


My mom couldn’t stop taking pictures on her new iPad.


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It is clear to me now that I did not take nearly the amount of photos as I usually do! Oh well, I guess it’s better to be fully present in the moment anyway. On to New Year’s!

Happy Christmas!

This weekend/week has already been a whirldwind!  With last minute Christmas shopping and celebrating our one year wedding anniversary on Sunday, I’ve had very little time for blogging (bad blogger!).  That being said, I’ll be back Thursday.  Happy Christmas to all, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then Happy Hump Day!

mac santa

To keep up with me and my holiday shenanigans, follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

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6 Christmas Things I Saw on the Interwebs Today

The weather outside is too dark, dismal, and rainy to take outfit pictures, so I’ve been sitting on my laptop, doing nothing, for the past 2 hours.  I decided that instead of not posting anything at all today, I would share with you what I have been enjoying on the Interwebs.  You’re welcome.

mac xmas

1. First, I watched this beautiful holiday makeup tutorial from my all-time favorite YouTuber, Miranda Sings.

2. I then read this HILARIOUS take on the movie Love Actually.  Whether you love or hate the movie, this article will make you laugh!   (NSFW!)

3. I giggled at these “Adorable Christmas Scrooges.”

4. This list of Christmas-y moments from Friends made me feel super nostalgic.

5. I re-watched my favorite scene from Elf.

6. If you haven’t read this guy’s kid’s Christmas list that he hilariously annotated, please do yourself a favor.


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And that’s what I’ve doing for the past two hours.  Productivity!  Anything on the Interwebs you’ve found that you think would make me laugh?  Comment below!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and don’t get too stressed out over shopping for those last minute gifts!