6 Things the Characters of “Friends” Taught Me

One of my all time classic favorite TV shows has to be Friends.  I’ve seen every episode multiple times, and I will watch it any time it’s on TV, no matter how many times I’ve seen that particular episode.  Consequently, I’ve realized that I’ve learned a thing or two from the lovable six-some.


1. Phoebe taught me to go on and be my quirky self.  Who cares if you run funny, as long as you’re having fun?  It doesn’t matter if you write super strange songs, as long as they have a catchy beat.  And even if you lived on the streets, were once mistaken for a porn star, and had your brother’s babies, you hold your head high, girl, and let your freak flag fly.


2. Rachel taught me that sometimes it’s okay to be a little high maintenance.  Sure, others may think you’re a pushover rich girl who can’t fend for herself, but you’ve got class and style.  Even if your job requires you to help old ladies try on thongs (and they don’t even buy them!), you do your job with pride (or at least only stick around if a hot guy enters the picture).  Rachel tries her best (I mean, look at those football moves) and loves like hell; you have to admire that.


3. Joey taught me to embrace my inner fat kid.  You want a whole pizza and two sandwiches?  You go for it.  YOLO, right?  He also taught me not to piss my other friends off, unless I want them wearing my entire wardrobe (that would be a lot of JCrew shirts for them to fit into) and to not ever lie to them (unless I want to walk around wearing weird, blue Japanese lipstick).  Joey may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but he has a heart of gold and I think we can all relate to that.


4. Monica taught me that anyone can change.  Having gone from an incredibly overweight (not that there’s anything wrong with that – wait, wrong show) and somewhat awkward youth to a successful (smaller) chef, Monica is an inspiration.  Even when she couldn’t find work and had to degrade herself as a fake-busted, singing 50s diner waitress, she still held her head up high and continued to work hard until she found her niche (one that doesn’t require her to molest a salad).  She also taught me to clean my damn kitchen (but, if I don’t, she’ll do it for me).


5. Chandler taught to me embrace the sarcasm.  I too am not so great at the advice.  Sure, Chandler may have the worst luck in women.  Ever.  But eventually he finds his soul mate in Monica, so doesn’t that give us all hope?  Their relationship taught us that sometimes we need our opposite match to balance us out, or…to just help us function as a normal human.  Chandler makes us laugh, but he’s also so darn cute.  And, if all else fails, there’s always Janice to fall back on.


6. Ross taught me that it’s okay to be a loud, neurotic, sometimes high-pitched, teeth bleaching, leather wearing dinosaur “doctor” who’s been divorced three times.  It’s okay.  Everyone will still love you.  They’ll make fun of you forever, but they’ll still love you.  And really, in the end, Ross gets the Rachel (er, girl), so doesn’t he win?  He may have the worst British accent of all time, but he’s loyal til the end.  Unless, of course, you’re on a break.


Which character is your favorite and/or with whom do you identify the most?  I always thought I was a cross between Phoebe and Rachel.


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