It’s December. It’s cold. Shocking.







Pardon the cliche, but if I had $100 for every Tweet or Facebook post I’ve seen complaining about the cold weather and snow, I’d be a thousandaire.  Posts like, “OMG, I’m so OVER THIS YEAR AND THIS WEATHER!!” and “GREAT, now I have to SCRAPE MY CAR!  FML!” make me roll my eyes.  We get it.  It’s cold.  In fact, yes, there IS snow on the ground, and sometimes that’s inconvenient.  But it’s DECEMBER; it’s almost as though it’s WINTER and this happens every year.  People.  What can y’do, huh?

I’ll tell you what can do: you can layer on a dude’s comfy shirt, boots, and fleece lined leggings to run an errand to the drugstore because your life is so exciting that that simple errand requires the filming of a video.  That’s right – if you missed it yesterday, I tried my hand again at filming myself…only this time I got a little fancier at the editing.  Why haven’t you watched it yet?


leggings I similar men’s shirt I boots I similar necklace I similar socks I hat (on sale!) I          similar coat: fancy or frugal

What’s your favorite cold-weather ensemble?  Do you ever borrow from the men’s section? (Unless, of course, you are a man.  We don’t discriminate at QB.)

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