Taking Stock 01 I Holiday Edition

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Making : life decisions…there are too many and yet not enough at the same time
Cooking : zero.  We’ve been on a no-cooking kick lately, and it needs to end.
Drinking : I need coffee.  Anyone?
Reading : Sadly, nothing right now.  Any suggestions?  The last book I read was Room by Emma Donoghue, and it still haunts me.
Wanting : the snow to melt (see my hypocrisy here).
Looking : at old photographs lately.  Such beauty in the past.
Playing : Pandora shuffle.  I love that I can hear She and Him one minute and then Daniel Tosh comedy the next.
Wasting : lots of time on social media, but I’m having fun creating new relationships.
Sewing : not a thing.  I have so many sewing projects on deck, but nothing.
Wishing : those presents would wrap themselves.
Enjoying : The holiday spirit though it’s still hard to believe that Christmas is in less than two weeks – how did that happen?
Waiting : for my lunch to arrive.  Yes, I’m that person; it’s so cold outside that I don’t want to go out to get food.  Don’t worry, the delivery driver will be tipped generously as a result of my laziness.
Liking : that Macyver has been letting me put his hoodie on him all the time lately.
Wondering : if I turned my hair straightener off.
Loving : my shredding scissors!  Seriously, best thing to happen to me.
Hoping : the holiday cards I ordered get here soon, or Christmas may get here before the cards get to my recipients’ homes.
Marveling : at how open and embracing and wonderful the blogging community is.
Needing : to finish my Christmas shopping…though I may finish sooner than usual this year!  Victory!
Smelling : my “Fall Hayride” scented candle.
Wearing : the most ridiculous PJs of purple capri sweats, a teal striped tshirt, and knee high fuzzy black socks.  Who says you have to be fashionable while sleeping?
Following : so many fabulous and talented bloggers; I love it.
Noticing : that I need to clean up around here.  This house is slowly becoming unlivable.
Knowing : that I have to go to work in three hours depresses me.  I just want to snuggle on the couch with Macgyver all day.
Wondering : about what the future holds is exciting yet gives me anxiety at the same time.
Feeling : nostalgic.  I miss my grandma.
Bookmarking : lots of holiday and winter outfit inspiration.
Opening : too many tabs in my browser causes my laptop to run slowly, but I’m such a tab opener.
Giggling : at how cute Macgyver looks in his hoodie right now.
What are you enjoying, hoping, cooking, feeling, or giggling at right now?  Or better yet, blog your own “Taking Stock” list and link it up below!

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I first saw “Taking Stock” on The Daybook, but the idea originated on Meet Me At Mike’s.


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