Borrowing from the Men’s Department




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I’m sensing a pattern here.  Last week, I wore an outfit, featuring a plaid shirt from my husband’s closet.  Afterwards, I decided I needed a red plaid flannel shirt, but had been unable to find the one in my head.  Over the weekend, while shopping for my husband for Christmas, I spotted this red flannel in the Men’s Department, and I thought, “Why not?”  It’s what I had envisioned, and I love the chambray detail on the collar!

{{ plaid flannel (on sale!) I similar vest I similar leggings I boots I similar necklace I sunglasses (only available in stores) }}

This got me thinking.

Who cares from which department your clothes come?  If you like something and it fits you the way  you want it to fit, then raid the men’s section.  I wanted a slightly bigger, boxier flannel shirt, so that explains why I couldn’t find the shirt I was searching for – I was searching in the wrong department.  Sometimes when I’m at a loss for what to wear, I’ll snag one of my husband’s v-necks or throw on one of his cardigans.  I love that slightly disheveled “boyfriend” look every once in awhile; hence the “boyfriend” style trend that we’ve seen in the past few years.  Now, I would probably never wear actual men’s jeans or shoes (well, maybe shoes), because men’s clothes aren’t made to fit our delicate lady bodies, but what’s the harm in borrowing a t-shirt or a jacket every once in awhile?  Consequently, I have scoured the internet and come up with some ideas from the men.  Every piece in this collection is from the Men’s Department and is something I would actually steal wear.

men collage

What do you think?  Would you rock any of these men’s pieces, or would you rather just stick to women’s clothes in the “boyfriend” style?  Or just women’s clothes in general?  If nothing else, you can use this for last minute holiday gift ideas!  😉

Shopping List
1. Plaid Flannel – Target, $18.74 (on sale!)

2. Jacket – H&M, $49.95

3. Striped V-neck Tee – Gap, $15.99 (on sale!)

4. Watch – Timex, $70

5. Sunglasses – Ray-Ban, $150

6. Socks – J.Crew, $29.50 (on sale!)

7. Cardigan – Forever 21, $17.80

8. Beanie – Urban Outfitters, $20


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2 thoughts on “Borrowing from the Men’s Department

  1. RoselyC December 17, 2013 at 9:16 pm Reply

    I would totally wear all of the things you picked. If it fits like you want it to, I don’t care what department it comes from.

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