6 Christmas Things I Saw on the Interwebs Today

The weather outside is too dark, dismal, and rainy to take outfit pictures, so I’ve been sitting on my laptop, doing nothing, for the past 2 hours.  I decided that instead of not posting anything at all today, I would share with you what I have been enjoying on the Interwebs.  You’re welcome.

mac xmas

1. First, I watched this beautiful holiday makeup tutorial from my all-time favorite YouTuber, Miranda Sings.

2. I then read this HILARIOUS take on the movie Love Actually.  Whether you love or hate the movie, this article will make you laugh!   (NSFW!)

3. I giggled at these “Adorable Christmas Scrooges.”

4. This list of Christmas-y moments from Friends made me feel super nostalgic.

5. I re-watched my favorite scene from Elf.

6. If you haven’t read this guy’s kid’s Christmas list that he hilariously annotated, please do yourself a favor.


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And that’s what I’ve doing for the past two hours.  Productivity!  Anything on the Interwebs you’ve found that you think would make me laugh?  Comment below!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and don’t get too stressed out over shopping for those last minute gifts!  


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