Our Wedding 03 I The Little Details

This is the third installment of my trip down Memory Lane for my wedding, which happened a year ago on December 22.  See posts one and two.

It was very important to me, both personally and financially, that our wedding have as many little personal touches as possible, including family heirlooms, DIY aspects, and just quirky little things that we love.  I made quite a few things for our wedding (with lots of help!), but also relied heavily on wonderful shops on Etsy.  This post will highlight all the little details as well as link to vendors when possible.  Enjoy!

(Hey, I heard you haven’t checked out our photographer yet.  What are you waiting for??  All photos, unless otherwise specified, were taken by her.)

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The Accessories

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

My shoes were from Seychelles via Ebay (sort of similar)

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

My necklace was vintage that I found a few years ago at Rag-o-Rama 

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

My clutch was from Target (similar).

brittney and brett-get ready-0030

My hair flower pin was from the Etsy shop Lucyohlucy.

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

My veil was from the Etsy shop FineNFleurie.

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

I ordered these hairpins as part of my bridesmaids’ gifts from the Etsy shop TopWedding.

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

The only garter I wore was an IU garter (naturally).  They actually sell them on the official online store!  Since Brett went to Purdue, I kept this a secret from him until we did the garter toss.

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrettAt first, including our dog in the ceremony was a joke; then it became a reality.  I ordered his bowtie collar from the Etsy shop ButterPups, and it was actually one of the first things I purchased when planning our wedding.

The Flowers

Honestly, flowers were not at the top of my priority list.  Originally, we were gong to try to get by without them or try to make our own fake flowers.  Eventually though, I realized that they were a necessity, and we were lucky enough to find and work with the local Indy shop, Lilly Lane.  Lilly Lane worked with our budget and took my vision and ran with it.  I wanted a vintage feel, but very minimal looking.  I didn’t want a lot of frilly colorful flowers, just natural greenery with a pop of yellow and peacock feathers.  We had a lot of natural branches, eucalyptus, and spruces.  I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome, and I cannot recommend Lilly Lane enough!

 View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrettMy bouquet

photo (21)

My bouquet was very special to me because it was wrapped in a handkerchief given to me by my grandmother

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

The girls basically had a smaller version of my bouquet.  

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

The boutonnieres

The Stationary

We did not budget a lot for stationary, but I still wanted our invitations to look quality. I loved our stationary: they reflected us as a couple, were simple, yet stylish, and I think really gave guests a sense of what they would experience at our wedding.

**If you were directed here from Pinterest, looking for the actual invitation, I have taken it  down as a precaution due to copyright.

photo (19)

We had fun reading our response cards.  We had replies anywhere from “I can’t believe you’re serving children” to “10,000 children” to “I get a whole chicken?!”  (Photo taken with my iPhone)

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

We designed our programs ourselves with the help of one of Brett’s co-workers. We just had them printed at Staples, and we (painstakingly) tied all the string ourselves.

photo (20)

We obviously didn’t NEED to offer menus at our reception, but for such a small price (compared to everything else), I think it was a nice touch.  We completely made these ourselves: we designed them on Microsoft Word (!) and had them printed and cut at Staples.  Super easy!  (PS: This photo was taken with my iPhone, hence the crappy quality.)

The Miscellaneous

I spent many a weekend scouring Goodwills, buying so many pictures frames, some used for photos, some painted with chalkboard paint to make signs.

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

Instead of drawing and cutting out a million paper lips and moustaches, I ordered them from the Etsy store PartyHQ.  All we had to do was glue them onto super thin dowel rods from a craft store.

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

Our venue allowed us to choose a signature cocktail and name it ourselves.  We decided to go with Groundhog Punch, as a nod to our Punxsutawney engagement (a story for another time).

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

The head table.  

Instead of a having a long table at the front of the ballroom, we had it running down the middle, with guests’ tables on either side of us.  This made me feel less the center of attention (if that’s possible).  We felt more like we were dining WITH our guests, rather than dining in front of them.  I custom ordered the table runner from Etsy.  Sadly, it looks like this shop no longer exists, but there are quite a few shops that make table runners. 

Our party favors were bon-bons made at the bakery that made our cupcakes.  We got the boxes, ribbons, and tags (for cheap!) from PaperMart.

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/brittneyandbrett

I made our cake toppers by painting wood craft Dinosaurs (like this) with chalkboard paint and then gluing them onto dowel rods.   We’re not JUST weird – the dinosaurs tied into our ceremony, which will be my next post.

photo (22)

I hand-wrote and hand-stamped all the namecards like this, with lips for the girls and moustaches for the guys.  I custom ordered the stamps from the Etsy shop Fresh Baked Paper Goods.

photo (23)

Mybridesmaids and I spent hours punching out these paper circles.  I bought a bunch of scrapbook cardstock in our wedding colors, and we used these to cut out the circles.  I then ran them through (and probably ruined) my sewing machine to make the garland.  

I hope some of these details are helpful in planning your own wedding (You know, if that’s what you’re doing)!  Stayed tuned for more!


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2 thoughts on “Our Wedding 03 I The Little Details

  1. Nicole February 8, 2014 at 4:24 pm Reply

    Beautiful wedding, but unfortunately when you choose low-budget stationery vendors, they don’t have the experience to realize ripping off other designer’s work is copyright infringement and against the law. http://www.minted.com/product/wedding-invitations/MIN-K46-INV/stache-kiss

    • quirkybritches February 18, 2014 at 7:06 pm Reply

      😦 That’s such a bummer! Thanks for bringing this to my attention – I have taken the photo down from my blog and deleted it from my Pinterest, as I no longer want to promote it.

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