30×30: 4/30 Snowpocalypse

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So, apparently we are supposed to get like a foot of snow tomorrow (Sunday), maybe more.  We usually go grocery shopping on Sundays, but due to the circumstances, I plan to not leave the house tomorrow.  We therefore decided to go grocery shopping today…along with the rest of the Midwest.  Besides having to get 1% milk instead of my usual skim and not being able to find sweet potatoes, it actually wasn’t the worst grocery experience I’ve ever had.  Tomorrow I plan to stay on couch, drinking water out of the gallon bottles we purchased and reading books.  I may step outside for an outfit photo.  Actually, yes, yes, I will do that; the things I do for you.

similar t-shirt I oxford (on sale!) I similar cardigan I ponte pants I boots I similar necklace I similar belt

Will your area be hit hard with snow tomorrow?  Any crazy grocery adventures?  On Monday, I will post outfit #6, which will end my first week of 30×30, and I will list all the fabulous ladies who are also participating.  You can still join in!


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2 thoughts on “30×30: 4/30 Snowpocalypse

  1. extincshion January 5, 2014 at 7:35 am Reply

    nice outfit on the snow!

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