30×30: 5/30 Committed or Crazy?

photo (47)



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I’m going to go ahead and apologize for all the blurs and smudges in these pictures.  Had I not been doing the 30×30, there’s no way my ass would have gotten dressed today, let alone go outside for pictures.  But I did it, and honestly, it really wasn’t even that bad; just not quite photograph weather (as you can tell by the large clump of snow in my hair).  We had planned to do a lot today, but once we saw that the weathermen were serious, all plans went out the window.  The day looked something like this: wake up, get dressed, take pictures, venture out for coffee (to justify my outfit), eat food, play in snow, lie on couch, eat dinner.  I’d be okay with one more snow day, I think.

chambray I (sort of) similar dress I scarf (only available in fuchsia – but on sale!) I similar tights I boots (almost exact) I necklace

Any winter stories?  Some of our friends nearby lost power today (and it’s still out).  We’ve been lucky so far – only a flickering of electricity a couple of times today.  We are about to do a few precautionary things for overnight though, just in case (ie: crank up the fridge, let the faucets drip, etc.).  Stay safe! And warm!



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