30×30: 6/30 Snow Shorts

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Yesterday.  Yesterday it was -17 degrees.  Yesterday I just couldn’t do it.  I really, really wanted to — so I wouldn’t be thrown off a day for 30×30 — but the news stations and the governor told me to stay inside…for once in my life, I listened.  Today though, the temperature rose to a balmy 9 degrees, so I got dressed, set my camera to what I thought were perfect settings, took as many photos as the chilling winds would allow, and ran back inside.  Unfortunately, the camera settings I chose were not perfect, and all my photos came out rather dark and depressing; however, instead of going back out and taking more photos like I normally would, I said, “Nuh-uh,” did a crappy editing job, and called it a day.  Sorry, I love you, but not that much.

similar shorts I sweater (only available in pink) I similar oxford I boots I coat I scarf I hat

PS: Once upon a time I was obsessed with Vanderpump Rules.  I started watching season 2 the other day, and I’m again sucked into their bat-shit crazy world.  I’m convincing myself again that I need to move to LA.  


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