30×30: 7/30 Mystery Hat

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I’m going to be honest.  I’m not 100% sure where this hat came from.  I mean, I vaguely, vaguely remember having it in college, but I’m questioning why I bought it because of something  you can’t see.  I hid it.  This hat actually has a bill on it.  I know, gross.  Maybe I was into that in college?  I don’t know.  But I needed a hat, something that’s not the grey beanie I wear all the time, and I found this random hat in my closet.  So I tucked the ugly bill, and now it passes as a cute crocheted cap.  Problem solved, although the mystery of why I bought the hat in the first place still remains.

similar (better) hat  I  similar scarf  I  similar dress  I  boots  I  similar cardigan  I  similar belt  I similar earrings

PS: So sorry for wearing these boots all the time.  It’s like AJ said yesterday: plan ahead for weather!  I did not do that, and these are really the only snow appropriate shoes I chose for my 30×30 items.  Hey snow, why don’t you melt, so I can wear cute shoes, mmkay?


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