30×30: 14/30 Teals & Reds

photo (57)

teal blazer and red heels 2

teal blazer and red heels 4

photo (59)

teal blazer and red heels 3

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Wanna hear a first world problem?  Of course you do.  Yesterday my home internet was out all day.  This of course impeded on my blog posting and my boredom, so I had to pack up my laptop and head to the nearest Starbucks.  I figured since I had “important coffee shop work” to do, then I’d better look the part, so I threw on my blazer and heels.  I had no sooner gotten yesterday’s post published when two people brought their young children in for a play date…at Starbucks.   Is that a thing now?  Forget the park; just let your kids run wild at the local coffee shop?  Needless to say, I was out of there really fast.  Now our internet is restored and we have three free months of HBO, resulting in the ability for us to watch the new season of Girls.  All is right in the world.

similar blazer  I  similar boyfriend tee  I  similar jeans  I  heels: exact (in limited sizes) or similar

I’m not providing links to any of my jewelry because most of it is one of kind and very special to me.  The necklaces and the watch are all vintage and belonged to my late grandmother.  


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