30×30: 15/30 The Struggle

photo (60)

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See that face I’m making in the second photo? That’s what I think of my struggle today to take photos.  I got up all ready to shoot yesterday’s outfit (since I didn’t have time yesterday), but it was snowing, so I thought, “That’s okay; I’ll make some breakfast and wait it out.”  But it kept snowing.  And snowing.  And snowing.  And then it started to get really really bad.  So I decided to give up and just shoot indoors.  I took some horrible photos, and I was just starting to question whether I wanted to put said horrible photos on my blog when I noticed it: it had stopped snowing!  I ran outside, snapped some photos, and came back in, only to discover about 3 blog-worthy photos.  Again, see photo #2 above.  The struggle is real.

jeans  I  similar sweater  I  similar gingham  I  similar boots  I  similar necklace

Halfway through 30×30!  Anyone joining me for a 30×15?


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