30×30: 18/30 Little of This, Little of That

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polka dots scarf sweater 5

polka dots scarf sweater 4

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I’m not yet going to actually admit that I’m struggling with my 30 items (stubborn much?), but instead of really trying hard to come up with something new this time, I thought back to the outfits so far that I’ve really liked and basically just recreated all those concepts into one outfit. I’ve got the earrings/scarf/sweater from this outfit; the earrings/polka dot blouse/sweater/necklace from this outfit; and the knotted shirt over a dress with leggings from this outfit.  Some may call it lazy; I call it remixing.

polka dot shirt: similar style or similar color  I  similar dress  I  similar boots (I actually just ordered these in black!) I  earrings  I  similar sweater  I  similar scarf  I  necklace is DIY from an old earring

PS: Not linking to the leggings because I’m wearing those running tights again.  Oops.

Check me out this week’s Wednesday Style Connection brought to you by Afternoon Style and Unpredictable and Chic!


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