Taking Stock 02 I Freezing Cold Edition

Yesterday, I mustered up all my strength and took outfit photos sans jacket.  I came back inside and was not pleased with the results.  I then got dressed for the day and photographed that outfit.  Again, the pictures were horrible, but I had things to do, so I had forget it at the time; however, once I got home, it was too dark to take photos.  I was going to try again today, but the temperature outside is just crazy cold, and I’ve been feeling pretty crappy the past couple of days, so I don’t want to make it worse.

I promise I’m still keeping up with 30×30, and I will be photographing my outfits when I can and catching up on here.  I will finish; I will!  In the meantime, I thought it was time for a little “Taking Stock.”

20140124-144155.jpgAt least someone’s warm.

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Making : up reasons why I can’t clean the house, none of which are valid.
Cooking : every now and then.  I’m about to “cook” an English muffin pizza.
Drinking : water, lots and lots of water.
Reading : multiple books right now!  I’m listening to Dark Places by Gillian Flynn in my car, and I’m reading two other books: The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer and The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison
Wanting : it just to just be warm.  That’s all I ask.  (It’s currently 14 degrees but feels like -2.)
Looking : at lots of clothes online.  I want all the things.
Playing : nothing at the moment.  I’ve been reveling in silence lately.
Wasting : lots of new clothes by participating in 30×30 (almost done!)
Sewing : still nothing.
Wishing : things would start happening.
Enjoying : all my free time still, but starting to want/need something more with my life.
Waiting : for an answer.
Liking : that the cold makes it acceptable for me to just stay inside all day long, every day.
Wondering : if I have time for a nap.
Loving : the two new pairs of shoes I just ordered from JustFab.
Hoping : life becomes a little less stagnant soon.
Marveling : at much I want to be BFF with Jennifer Lawrence.
Needing : some socks on my icicle-like toes!
Smelling : nothing right now…I need a new candle.
Wearing : what I was about to go take photos of outside before I realized it feels like -2 degrees!
Following : more and more fabulous bloggers!
Noticing : that I need to get my hair done…my roots are starting to show (real talk!).
Knowing : that I have to work soon depresses me…I just want to lie under a blanket all day!  (Yes, this one stays the same from last month’s).
Wondering : about everything causes me anxiety.
Feeling : hungry.  Time for that pizza!
Bookmarking : all the books I’m reading.  Literally.
Opening : up to new possibilities.
Giggling : at how dumb Macgyver looks when he tries to reach something away on the coffee table (from the couch) but falls instead.
What are you enjoying, hoping, cooking, feeling, or giggling at right now?  Or better yet, blog your own “Taking Stock” list and link it up below in the comments!

I first saw “Taking Stock” on The Daybook, but the idea originated on Meet Me At Mike’s.


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