I’m Here, I’m Here!

Yes, I’m still here!


I read once to never apologize for your lack or blogging…so I’m definitely NOT apologizing (pshhh), but I did just want to take a moment to explain this unexpected hiatus. My less than 3-month year old laptop took a nosedive, and the screen is dead. Just my luck. I have sent it back to HP to fix, but it’ll be like 2 weeks! Before my laptop, I blogged via ipad all the time, but blogging via ipad takes considerably longer, plus now that I don’t have a laptop, I have nowhere to upload pictures from my DSLR. Meaning, I currently can’t take photos of myself. I’ll be back really soon though! Like…maybe tomorrow.

Life is hard. How ’bout that Sochi, eh?

PS: Just ordered this anorak jacket from Francesca’s. Love it, and I can’t wait til it warms up a bit so I can wear it! Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. How cruel am I? “Hey, I love this jacket so much, but you can’t order it, too!” Mwahahaha.

PPS: I just started watching the show Damages, and I’m obsessed. How has that show been on since 2007, and I’m just now getting into it?!


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