A Hot Mess

Well, hello!  It’s been awhile! I took a couple of outfit photos last weekend, and when I uploaded my camera contents to my computer, I found these photos. I was super confused for a few minutes as to where they came from, but apparently I took these a few weeks ago and never bothered to post them. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m recalling why I may have skipped this outfit, as it happened on a traumatic day…




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It was one of those lazy days in which I waited until the last possible second to get ready for work. I was running around frantically and managed to throw this ensemble together and put lipstick on and still have time to take some quick photos; however, as soon as I stepped outside and heard the door lock, a feeling of dread washed over me: did I have my keys? My car has one of those fancy push buttons to start, so sometimes I take it for granted that my keys are actually in my purse. This time they were not. I quickly called Brett to let him know I’m an idiot, should he have had to leave work to let me in. I then called a coworker and asked her if she could come pick me up (I’m 5 minutes from work), but she informed me that I had my days mixed up and I wasn’t even supposed to work that day. Ahhh!  Oh, and did I mention it was about 12 degrees outside and I had stupidly forgotten my gloves, too? Finally, Brett called me back and remembered that our neighbor had a spare key, so I darted over, grabbed the key, and let myself back inside, my hands positively frozen and in pain. Oh, and guess what I found in my coat pockets? My gloves. No wonder I repressed this outfit.

jeans (on sale!) I  similar peplum  I  similar crop top  I  similar jacket (on sale!) I  boots  I  similar necklace  I  lips: Revlon Lip Butter in “Red Velvet”  I  sunglasses (only in stores)


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