Who’s a tease, you ask? Why, Mother Nature, of course.

blue peplum green belt

blue peplum green belt3

blue peplum green belt2

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So yeah, yeah, it’s still like 30 degrees right now, but two weekends ago it was a glorious 55, and I wasted no time throwing on flats and a light jacket. I was going to at least enjoy ONE nice day! I waited so long to post this outfit because I’ve just been staring longingly at it every day, vehemently wishing it was warm again. Kidding, but seriously, Mother Nature, I’d rather you just shorten Winter altogether rather than give us a random warm day here and there. Throw us a bone!

Additionally, please excuse the poor photo quality yet again. There’s something weird going on with my camera lens; I either need to get it professionally cleaned or replace it. Let’s just pretend I put a fancy filter on these photos and now they’re 1,000 times hipper. Blurry = hip, right?

similar peplum  I  somewhat similar jacket  I  similar belt  I  similar flats  I  somewhat similar necklace


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