I decided that I enjoyed my Fridiary post and would like my blog to have a little more cohesion.  I’m a teacher, after all, so I’m used to creating things with an objective in mind. That being said, I’ve decided to give each weekday a “category” of sorts. These will be used somewhat loosely, but I think they’ll help me focus more, as well as give my blog more direction. I will certainly continue to focus on fashion, but like I said Friday, I’d like to make my blog a bit more personal and allow readers to get to know me a little bit more. Therefore, here is what you can expect:

Misc. Monday

Exactly what it sounds like – Mondays will be a mixed bag, considering I rarely plan anything ahead of time. Let’s be honest though: the easiest posts are outfit posts, so I suspect Mondays will have loooots of outfits.

Try It Tuesday

I’ve been in a rut lately, so I feel the need to try new things. Whether it be a recipe, a nail polish, a hair style, a book, whatever, I just need to branch out a bit more.

Wear It Wednesday

AJ inspired me with this one when I saw her tweet about this wardrobe challenge from WhoWhatWear. Similar to Tuesday, this will help me ramp up my wardrobe a bit, and force me to step outside my comfort zone. Each Wednesday will feature an outfit with one of these challenges. I’m thinking of possibly doing a link up with this?

Thrifty Thursday

I’m a server right now, so I’m not made of money. I have had to learn to be pretty thrifty in order to sustain the lifestyle I want. Accordingly, Thursdays will be devoted to all things thrifty: sale alerts, items I covet from a particular sale, wishlists, an outfit featuring a great bargain, etc.


Just like last week, I will recap the highlights of my week.


I’m not sure yet!

Sunday Funday

I’ve done a couple of these, but they’ve tapered off; I plan to revive them.


Here’s to change!


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