#LookingLucky 08 I Tribal

Entering the home stretch of the Looking Lucky challenge with trend #8: tribal.

flared jeans tribal vintage shirt

tribal vintage shirt3

flared jeans tribal vintage shirt2

tribal vintage shirt

tribal vintage shirt2Let’s Be Friends:  Instagram  I  Twitter  I  Pinterest  I  Facebook  I  Bloglovin  I  YouTube

I’ve actually been really into the tribal trend lately, and I had quite a few options for this outfit; however, in packing up my stuff, I found this shirt that totally forgot I had. It’s a vintage shirt that I found at a consignment shop years ago in Broad Ripple. Sadly, the store no longer exists. When I discovered this in a box of old clothes, I knew that it had to be my Looking Lucky tribal piece. No doubt. I love the unique pattern and the super retro vibe it gives (what with actually being from the ’60s or ’70s and and all…), thus I had to pair it with flared jeans and a long necklace. The one thing you can’t see though is the Marcia Brady-like collar. I tucked that inside my cardigan. See a little peek below. And then don’t say I never gave you anything.

similar cardigan  I exact jeans in limited sizes or similar jeans  I  similar wedges  I  somewhat similar necklace  I  sunglasses

I really couldn’t find a shirt similar to mine, but I really like this sleeveless tribal top!

Told you so…



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