#LookingLucky 09 I Fringe

Fringe for Looking Lucky was a tricky one…luckily I’ve had this vintage dress in my closet for years.

floral kimono fringe dress3

floral kimono fringe dress4

floral kimono fringe dress

floral kimono fringe dress2Let’s Be Friends:  Instagram  I  Twitter  I  Pinterest  I  Facebook  I  Bloglovin  I  YouTube

I originally bought this dress at the late, great Rag-O-Rama (the Indy location closed) a few years ago for an Edie Sedgwick costume. I never ended up using the dress for the costume, but I have worn it out a few times. I love that it’s simple yet just a little funky with the fringe. Before deciding on the dress, I tried really hard to find something new and fringey, but it just didn’t happen. I tried looking for some sort of drapey fringed cardigan or a fringed kimono, but I couldn’t find something I loved. Hence, this old thing.

kimono: similar 1 / similar 2  I  dress: similar 1 / similar 2  I  sandals  I  similar earrings  I  sunglasses 


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