As a curvier girl, one of my favorite little fashion “tricks” is to define my waist…

knotted tank top over dress sandals coach bag

knotted tank top over dress

knotted tank top over dress sandals coach bag2

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I know that a lot of times women (including myself) think that in order to “hide” undesirable body parts, wearing looser clothing is the way to go. Unfortunately, this usually does the opposite of what you want! Although it may seem counterproductive, the trick is to actually accentuate. If you want that waist to look smaller, then pull it in! I do this a lot with belts (see here, here, and here), but one of the easiest ways to accentuate your waist is to just knot it. You can simply knot your shirt over pants (like here), but my favorite way to do this is like what I’m wearing in this post: simply knot a tshirt or tank top over a dress. Voila!

I especially love to do this with a dress that has spaghetti straps (like this one). I’m not always a huge fan of spaghetti straps because I either have to wear a strapless bra or let my bra straps shine; however, knotting a tank over my dress let’s me wear whatever comfortable bra I want and makes even the fanciest of sundresses look instantly casual. Look at me, doing anything to get out of wearing a strapless bra. Classy as usual.

similar dress  I  tank (I love these tanks – I have so many different colors!)  I  very similar cardigan  I  sandals  I  somewhat similar necklace  I  purse: vintage Coach (find one on ebay like I did!)  I  similar sunglasses

SHAMELESS SELF-PLUG:  You know what’s also super flattering and doesn’t even need belts or knotting? Fit and flare dresses! See 10 super gorgeous choices here. You’re welcome.


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