Floral, Floral, Stripes

Lots of weird facial expressions going on these pictures, hence the croppage.

striped wedges floral tank sweater3

floral earrings floral tank

striped wedges floral tank sweater2

striped wedges floral tank sweaterLet’s Be Friends: Instagram I Twitter I Pinterest I Facebook I Bloglovin I YouTube

These shoes were the type that as soon as you see them, you just know you’re going to take them home with you. That’s exactly what I did. The straps dig a little, but to me, it’s worth it.  🙂 Additionally, it may appear as though this shirt and earrings came as a matching set, but nope; I just apparently gravitate towards the same things, years apart. That would explain why I have approximately 932 striped items in my closet.

tank  I  similar jeans  I  wedges (these are cute too, if you reallllly want some stripes)  I  similar sweater (on sale!)  I  somewhat similar earrings  I  similar purse


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2 thoughts on “Floral, Floral, Stripes

  1. Rachel May 29, 2014 at 9:36 am Reply

    What a cute mix, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

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