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Casually Standing in Front of a Small Door

A little color blocking for a night of dinner and froyo…

teal blouse distressed jeans wedges burgundy bag top knot

teal blouse distressed jeans wedges burgundy bag

teal blouse burgundy bag2

teal blouse burgundy bag

teal blouse statement necklace top knot

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We tried a place a couple of blocks from us called Perry’s (I think there are multiple locations in SF). Though I liked the Chicago-like decor and atmosphere, it was just okay. I think I’d go back for drinks and appetizers, but the entrees were just so-so. Afterwards…froyo (naturally) and a nightcap at a hip little Italian place down the street called Ottimista (this place I want to go back and try). That’s about it. I never claimed to lead an exciting life.

similar blouse // similar jeans // similar necklace // “Gallerista” bag from JustFab (currently sold out, but there is a waitlist…here’s a similar choice) // similar wedges

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, lovelies – did you do anything incredible? Do tell!


Budgeting Bloggers // June 2014

It’s been a slow shopping month here at QB…

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I still did not give myself any sort of budget this month, but I kept myself under control due to still not having a job. You’re welcome, husband.

What I Bought

1. Dorothy Perkins Tomato Bardot Dress // 21.00 (orig. 28.00, now on sale for 9.00!)

2. Mossimo Tipper Sandal // 19.99 (worn here)

3. Dorothy Perkins Navy Gingham Smock Tunic // 9.00 (orig. 39.00)

4. Audrey Brooke Quillan Platform Pump // 49.95 (orig. 75.00)


Total Spent = $90 (orig. 162.00)

Savings = $72


Not much to say this month. Had I not randomly been searching around for Vegas party dresses (I’m going in September), I would not have stumbled upon the two Dorothy Perkins pieces. When I saw the tunic was only $9, I knew it was meant to be! Can I just say, too, that I’m a little annoyed that the Bardot dress is now down to $9. Don’t you hate it when that happens? My leopard sandals are my new favs, and really the gold pumps are bridesmaid shoes for the wedding I’ll be in in September (did I mention…Vegas?!). I guess technically a bridesmaid purchase wouldn’t affect my personal shopping budget, but since money is tighter than normal this month, I felt I should include them. 

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Hopping on the Pineapple Bandwagon

I never thought I’d really be into pineapple print, but then I saw this shirt when I was randomly at TJ Maxx last week…
midi skirt knotted pineapple top denim jacket

knotted pineapple shirt denim jacket

midi skirt knotted pineapple shirt statement necklace

midi skirt knotted pineapple top denim jacket 2

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I adore this little cropped pineapple shirt! I’ve already worn it knotted like so and loose with jeans. I kind of want to wear it every day, but let’s be honest: I’m wearing yoga pants indoors most of the time while I’m job searching. The glamorous life of QB. I tell ya.

tank (love this one, too!)  //  similar skirt // sandals (sold out, but they’ll probably come back…here’s a similar pair) // similar jacket  // similar purse  // similar sunglasses // somewhat similar necklace // lips: Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in “San Paulo


Lady in Red (Stripes)

I’ve had this Gap dress since February, but this is actually the first time I’ve worn it…

striped red dress leopard sandals grey sweater statement necklace2

striped red dress grey sweater statement necklace

striped red dress grey sweater leopard flats JustFab Publicist bag

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I love a casual dress like this for brunch and running errands, which, wouldn’t ya know, is what I did in this outfit. I don’t wear much red, but I really should because I love the way the color is popping in these photos. Plus, aren’t redheads like supposed to wear red or something? To make them extra siren-y? I don’t know. What I do know is that you may have noticed a change in my hair today and yesterday. As in it’s suuuuper light on the ends. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. I got it fixed today, so all is well. I know you were worried.

sandals // similar dress // similar sweater // similar necklace // “Publicist” bag from JustFab (currently sold out, but here’s something similar) // sunglasses (in different colors)

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That Time I Got Locked on the Roof and My Life Was a Sitcom

First, let’s look at this amazing dress…

eshakti gold dress blazer platform heels

eshakti gold dress blazer statement necklace

eshakti gold dress tribal clutch seychelles heels

eshakti gold dress blazer statement necklace tribal clutch

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If you read any fashion/style blogs whatsoever, then you’ve probably heard of eShakti. I’ve seen their clothes on many a blogger, and I had always thought the concept was pretty intriguing; therefore, when they offered to send me an item of my choice, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. If, for some reason, I am the only style blog you read (I’m sorry), and you’ve never heard of eShakti, here’s the rundown: they are an India-based company that specializes in women’s clothing with an emphasis on vintage/retro styles. They also offer complete customized apparel. Basically, you can choose your normal size, or you can enter your measurements and they’ll create the apparel custom for your body, perfect for girls (like me) who don’t always fit into the the little box of most fashion sizes.

I have to say, this dress isn’t my normal bag, but I decided when choosing an item that I would think outside the box a bit and choose something I wouldn’t normally go for. I’m so glad I did: this dress made me feel somewhat glamorous! I loved wearing it, and it’s always nice to add another pretty dress to my closet. And the fit? A dream. Seriously. I was a little nervous since I had chosen a maxi dress, but it fits wonderfully, and it’s well-made, too. My only complaint is that the dress is probably too long for me to wear sandals with because I’d love to dress it down. I’m sure I can get it hemmed at some point, if it’s really an issue for me. Another small thing, which you can barely see, so again, not really an issue, is there’s a snap on the bodice that lets you wear it a little more modestly if you choose. Now, I don’t consider myself to have a large bust, but there’s no way I could wear the neckline snapped – it just wasn’t happening. Not a problem, as I’m fine with it unsnapped, but now I have this visible snap on the neckline. I’ll remove it, and it won’t be a problem, but it’s just a small thing that bugged me. Other than those two minor things, I’m very happy with my dress!

Now to the title of this post (and keep scrolling because I have an offer for you at the end!): these photos were actually taken on the roof of my new apartment building. Amazing view, right? I can’t wait to sit up there and read a book! Anyway, I thought the roof would make an awesome location to shoot this dress, so Brett and I trekked upstairs. Upon entering the landing to the roof access, I noticed a sign that said, “Keep door closed at all times.” Not being much of a rule breaker, I shut the door behind me. Then realized it had locked. None of our keys worked, and neither of us had brought our phones with us. Of course, it was cold. And windy. Eventually, we saw someone who lives in our building, and he let us in. I’m pretty sure we reenacted a scene from every sitcom from the ’90s.

Like what you see at eShakti? From now until July 2, use the code BRITCHES to receive 10% off your order! Pair this with the $25 off you get for being a new customer, and you’ve got yourself a sweet little deal. If you like the dress I’m wearing, unfortunately, it’s currently out of stock (though it may come back!), but I found this dress that’s similar; you can customize it to make it longer if that’s your thing.

dress (similar option) // heels (in different colors) // similar blazer // somewhat similar clutch // similar necklace // lips: Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in “San Paulo” mixed with Revlon Lip Butter in “Candy Apple

*Dress provided c/o eShakti.

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Friday Favorites 02 // Sundress

Sunday brunch last weekend called for a cute sundress and casual sweater…

floral sundress oversized sweater

floral sundress oversized sweater2

floral sundress statement necklace

floral sundress oversized sweater sandals2

floral sundress oversized sweater sandals

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This sundress from Target is an oldie but a goody; I don’t wear it often, but when I do, I just love that it’s so flattering and feminine (and we all know know how I feel about a good fit and flare dress!). It was the perfect little brunch number, which was promptly taken off and replaced with leggings and a t-shirt in order to continue working on our apartment (which is still not completely finished!).

sandals // similar dress // similar sweater // “Magic Kingdom” bag from JustFab // similar necklace // similar sunglasses

So while I’m still elbow deep in packing paper (so.much.packing.paper), boxes, and various organizational systems, here are some more adorable sundresses for you to peruse. All picks are under $100!

Neiman Marcus Tiered Palm Print Sundress (40% off!)

TopShop Pineapple Print Sundress

C&C California Wide Wide Striped Chambray Sundress

Forever 21 Striped Convertible Cotton Sundress

J. Crew Factory Stripe Button-back Sundress

Compendium Boutique Nala Print Sundress


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All the Things 03 // Midi Skirts

Midi skirts have been popular all over the blogosphere for awhile now (love this, this, and this), but it’s not a trend that I have personally tried yet. It’s not for lack of desire; it just hasn’t happened. To gain some inspiration, I’ve gathered some fabulous midi skirts from the interwebs. Enjoy!

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Shopping List

1.  Tropical Print Scuba Midi Skirt // TopShop via Nordstrom

2.  Zig Zag Crinkled Midi Skirt // Dorothy Perkins

3.  Pleated Midi Skirt // MNG by Mango via JCP

4.  Gingham Calf Midi Skirt // TopShop

5.  Floral Midi Skirt in Scuba // ASOS

6.  Buttoned Floral Midi Skirt // Forever 21

7.  Midi Skirt // BCBG Generation via Lord & Taylor

8.  Aztec Print Midi Skirt // Bella Ro via Shoptiques

9.  Striped Textured Midi Skirt // Warehouse via House of Fraser

10.  Textured Full Midi Skirt // Lucy Paris via Nordsrom

 See any you fancy? I seriously think I’m going to purchase the Dorothy Perkins skirt!


A “Nice” Little Saturday

Hello! I’m back! This past week(ish) has been crazy with moving and unpacking and cleaning. We’re still not 100% done organizing our new apartment, but it’s livable now. We also finally got groceries! I had never been so excited to go grocery shopping in my life. Here’s an outfit I wore two Saturdays ago…

polka dot cardigan floral scarf2

polka dot cardigan floral scarf striped flats2polka dot cardigan floral scarf

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It was a really bright day, and we were pressed for time, hence my too-bright feet. I do love this bright wall, and I really love all in the industrial pipes in the window! We spent the day in Emeryville, which is just over the Oakland Bridge, right before you actually get to Oakland. It’s such a cute place, and I think it’ll be a contender for when we decide to live outside of the city.

It’s also where the nearest IKEA is. This trip just happened to be our very first IKEA trip ever, and I have to say I was SO ready to leave. It was a Saturday, so it was super crowded, plus since we’d never been there, we didn’t really know how it worked or where to find anything. To top it all off, since I had worn these shoes two days in a row, they were really starting to rub on the outsides of my feet (the downside to d’orsay flats), and my feet were in pain by the time we left.

There is a bright side of this story, and that is when we went back to IKEA the following Friday (they were out of something we had wanted before), we were seasoned pros, and the second trip was a breeze! The moral of the story is…I don’t have one.

similar scarf // similar tank // almost exact cardigan (might come back in stock – here’s another one)(I’m actually wearing my wedding cardigan) // d’orsay flats // “Magic Kingdom” bag from JustFab // similar sunglasses

Primary Girl

I went back to elementary art class with a little red, yellow, and blue…

anchor tshirt moto jacket beaded necklace

tshirt distressed jeans dorsay flats beaded necklace2

anchor tshirt moto jacket beaded necklace red lips

striped dorsay flats

tshirt distressed jeans dorsay flats beaded necklaceLet’s Be Friends: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // YouTube

Remember my apparent affinity for raiding the dudes’ department? I found this tshirt for few bucks in the men’s clearance section at Target, and it just found its way into my cart. Once I put on the yellow beads, I just knew that red lips had to follow. At least I learned something from my schooling. My kindergarten self is high five-ing me.

d’orsay flats // sunglasses // similar jeans // similar t-shirt // similar moto jacket // similar necklace // lips: Revlon Lip Butter in “Candy Apple” // “Magic Kingdom” bag from JustFab

Today is moving day, so I’m sure you’re doing something way more fun and exciting than I am! However, I’ve never been more excited to go grocery shopping my life – I’m so sick of hotel food! Thrilling. 

Sunday Funday 05 // 06.01.14

Admitted laziness made for a shorter week here on QB…

photo1 (34)Our first Cali beach trip, made even more fabulous by my new beach towel, of course.


What You May Have Missed on QB in the past week:

1. I emptied my purse to reveal my 10 must-have items.

2. A post about chocolate, wine, and pretty pictures by the water

3. A casual outfit and links to some of my favorite army jackets

4. My very first budgeting post

Blog Love

1. Loved reading Shop & Twirl’s account of her vacation in my new city of SF

2. Definitely identified with the rain boot struggle on Occasionally AJ

3. Style on Target is doing patterns and textures right with this adorable outfit

Pinteresting Finds

1. I think I’ve mentioned before that my friend Brittany is getting married in Vegas in September. She hasn’t decided on bridesmaid shoes yet, but if we get to pick our own, I may go with these in gold. I don’t normally graviate towards sparkly things, but it’s Vegas after all!

2. Can’t wait to try out this beautiful braid tutorial!

3. I seriously must find a skirt like this.

On the Interwebs

1. 52 Totally Feasible Ways to Organize Your Entire Home – I usually ignore stuff like this, but since we’re moving into a much smaller apartment, I will probably try some of these!

2. This is my current favorite thing (WARNING: There is sound, so maybe not work appropriate…unless your work just happens to really awesome!)

3. Love this funny speech that Amy Poehler gave at a New York Restoration Project event

Have a rockin’ Sunday Funday! I’ll be spending the day cleaning our new apartment (we move in on Tuesday)!

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