A “Nice” Little Saturday

Hello! I’m back! This past week(ish) has been crazy with moving and unpacking and cleaning. We’re still not 100% done organizing our new apartment, but it’s livable now. We also finally got groceries! I had never been so excited to go grocery shopping in my life. Here’s an outfit I wore two Saturdays ago…

polka dot cardigan floral scarf2

polka dot cardigan floral scarf striped flats2polka dot cardigan floral scarf

polka dot cardigan floral scarf striped flatsLet’s Be Friends: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // YouTube

It was a really bright day, and we were pressed for time, hence my too-bright feet. I do love this bright wall, and I really love all in the industrial pipes in the window! We spent the day in Emeryville, which is just over the Oakland Bridge, right before you actually get to Oakland. It’s such a cute place, and I think it’ll be a contender for when we decide to live outside of the city.

It’s also where the nearest IKEA is. This trip just happened to be our very first IKEA trip ever, and I have to say I was SO ready to leave. It was a Saturday, so it was super crowded, plus since we’d never been there, we didn’t really know how it worked or where to find anything. To top it all off, since I had worn these shoes two days in a row, they were really starting to rub on the outsides of my feet (the downside to d’orsay flats), and my feet were in pain by the time we left.

There is a bright side of this story, and that is when we went back to IKEA the following Friday (they were out of something we had wanted before), we were seasoned pros, and the second trip was a breeze! The moral of the story is…I don’t have one.

similar scarf // similar tank // almost exact cardigan (might come back in stock – here’s another one)(I’m actually wearing my wedding cardigan) // d’orsay flats // “Magic Kingdom” bag from JustFab // similar sunglasses


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