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Budgeting Bloggers // July 2014

So it seems what I saved in June, I definitely made up for in July…

July PurchasesLet’s Be Friends: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // YouTube


What I Bought

1. Mossimo Sharkbite Tank // $16.99

2. JustFab Grazia Pump // $39.95

3. Mossimo Kacie Peep Toe Bootie // $29.99 (orig. $34.99 + $5.00 Target mobile coupon)

4. Lucky B Boutique Striped High-Waisted Flare Skirt // $32 (orig. $34, used giftcard – see Lucky B necklace below)

5. Forever21 Ditsy Floral Headwrap // $3.80

6. Mossimo Rolled Cuff Tee // $17.99

7. JustFab Marina d’Orsay Flats // $0 (orig. $39.99 – I had a credit from months ago)

8. GAP Colorblock Stripe Sleeveless Shirt // $9.99 (orig. $45.95, on sale for $19.99 + 50% off)

9. JustFab Brayden Bootie // $0 (orig. $39.99 – BOGO promo with Grazia pumps) ** I’m selling another pair of these in my Poshmark closet – If you’re an 8, check it out!

10. Xhilaration Zip Back Tank // $16.99

11. Another Mossimo Rolled Cuff Tee (in hot coral) // $17.99 (not pictured)

12. Lucky B Boutique Green Linked Epoxy Statement Necklace // $0 (orig. $12, used giftcard) (no longer available – here’s something similar)

13. GAP High-Rise Skinny Jeans // $7.79 (tag doesn’t have orig. price, but GAP jeans are usually around $60 – these jeans had a $12.97 sticker + 40% off) (not pictured, and I can’t find them at all online)

14. Another Forever21 headwrap // $3.80 (I can’t find the exact one, but here are all their adorable headwraps)

15. JustFab Arleigh Sandal Heels // $39.95 (I did not include these in my collage because I’m trying to sell them in my Poshmark closet. They’re too big, they don’t have the size I need, and I can’t return them. These are a 7.5, but run way big, so if you’re a size 8, check them out – brand new!!)

16. Forever21 Studded Black Flats // $4.98 (orig. $24.80, on sale for $9.99 + 50% off) (cannot find these anywhere online, but they’re Valentino inspired – here’s the real deal)

Subtotal = $242


I’ve talked about working out and being healthy before (here and here), but now that I’m in one of the most health conscious cities in the country AND I have a Vegas vacation/wedding at the end of September, I’ve really buckled down. I started a P90x/T25 hybrid on Monday July 21, and so far I’ve been going strong! In order to motivate myself, I decided to purchase some new workout clothes because obviously intrinsic motivation does not work for me. I decided to make my fitness purchases into a separate collage because I may have gone a little overboard this month.

July Fitness Purchases

What I Bought

1. C9 by Champion Jersey Short w/ Mesh Insert // $12.99 (of course now they’re on sale for $9.74)

2. Jockey Bike Short in black // $7.99 (orig. $22) (got mine at Marshall’s)

3. Kyodane Herringbone Design Capri Yoga Pants // $19.99 (orig. $22.99) (I got these at Marshall’s, and I can’t find them anywhere online except Ebay)

4. Blogilates Side Scrunch Booty Shorts // $21.50 (I’m not a huge fan of the cheesy saying on the back, but I love wearing these shorts!)

5. Blogilats Twist N Shout Crop Sweater // $23 (orig. $29.50)

6. C9 by Champion Sports Bra // $5.99 (orig. $12.99) (This is not the same bra I purchased; I found mind at Marshall’s – same brand and similar style)

7. Jockey Bike Short in grey // $7.99 (orig. $22) (got mine at Marhsall’s) (not pictured)

Subtotal = $99

Subtotal 1 ($242) + Subtotal 2 ($99) + Stitch Fix purchases ($102) 

Total spent in July = $443 (orig. $695)

Savings = $252

Final thoughts: Though I scored some major savings, my only thoughts are, “Girl, you need to reel it in!” I spent waaaay too much for our current financial state (ie: my unemployment…but I got a job, so yay!). Looks like August will have to be another dry month.


As always, I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers! Check out the other lovely ladies!



Red Leopard

After the positive response from this outfit (and by positive, I mean like maybe 2 people seemed at all interested), I decided to purchase another red dress…

(Warning: more grainy iPhone photos ahead…)

red fit and flare dress leopard scarf moto jacket ballet flats


red fit and flare dress leopard scarf moto jacket

red fit and flare dress leopard scarf moto jacket ballet flats2

red dress leopard scarf red lips moto jacketLet’s Be Friends: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // YouTube

This dress was featured in my June Budget post, and it got so many clicks. Unfortunately, I got it on sale and it is no longer available, but apparently I picked a winner. This was the perfect outfit for signing up for a SF library card and a quick dinner at Lite Bite, both of which I did and both of which are just blocks from my apartment. I mean, books and pre-made, microwaveable, healthy eats – what more do you need within walking distance?

similar dress // similar scarf // similar moto jacket // similar shoes // bag // lips: Revlon Lip Butter in “Cherry Tart


Getting my [Stitch] Fix #1

photo1 (59)Let’s Be Friends: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // YouTube

If you read any other fashion blogs, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Stitch Fix, as its popularity has been doing nothing but growing. If not, here’s the rundown: Upon signing up, you will fill out a style profile, in which you disclose your lifestyle, sizes, likes, dislikes, and any particular clothing items or accessories that you may be looking for. Each Fix is $20, and you choose which date each month you’d like to receive it. Don’t want it each month? No problem. This is not a subscription service that is recurring every month (unless you want it that way); you pay nothing until you tell Stitch Fix you want it!

Once you’ve scheduled your Fix, a real life human stylist will read over your style profile as well as anything else you’ve included (Pinterest board, Linked In profile, your own blog, etc). The stylist will learn about you and your preferences and will then hand pick five items for you. These five items are then shipped right to your door for you to try on. Afterwards, you will fill out a checkout survey, where you can explain in detail what you liked and what you didn’t like and why, thus allowing the stylists to tweak your Fix for next time! Rinse and repeat. Oh, and that $20 styling fee? It goes towards the items that you keep! And if you didn’t think it could get any better, if you keep all 5 items, you receive 25% off the entire Fix!

Here is what your box looks like when you receive it:

stitch fix directions

stitch fix box

stitch fix card and letterYour stylist writes you a personalized note with each Fix!

I know you’re impressed by amazing editing skills.  😉

stitch fix box2

I almost didn’t want to rip the adorable sticker. Almost.

Stitch Fix pink floral blouse style cardEach item comes with a styling card to help you visualize different ways to wear the piece. Cute!

First, before I show what you I received, here is the note I included to my stylist in my style profile: “My outfits tend to contain neutrals with pops of color, and I love stripes. I tend to always gravitate towards blues, navies, and teals, but I’m open to expanding my color horizons.  🙂 I love print mixing and color blocking; I also like a good tunic every now and then, but I hate tie-backs. Thanks so much!” Considering this note I left, plus the other things I noted in my style profile, I’m pretty impressed with what my stylist picked out for me! So, without further adieu, here’s what I got!

photo6 (4)

Initial Thoughts: Yes! Jeans! I hope they fit! I seriously have the worst luck with jeans. Very rarely in my twenty-eight years, have I had jeans that have fit me perfectly. My waist is far smaller than my hips and booty, so you can imagine. Therefore, I was a little nervous about these jeans, but…they fit! Oh, did they fit! I almost couldn’t even believe it. I didn’t feel like I was constantly tugging them up, and they seemed to almost mold to my butt.

Stitch Fix jeans tried on

Final Thoughts: The only things I did not like about these jeans are the slight bunching around the knees (a perpetual problem of mine), and — I don’t know if you can see this — see how it flares out ever so slightly from the ankle? For some reason, that bothered me; I wanedt it to be completely tapered. So, while I was ecstatic over the fit, I couldn’t justify spending the pricier amount (well, pricier than I would normally pay for jeans) on a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit all my qualifications. I’m confident though that eventually I’ll get that perfect pair.

photo2 (53)

Initial Thoughts: Hmmm, pink. I almost, almost put “no pink” in my style profile, but then I thought maybe it would be good to expand my color horizons. And really, upon first look at this shirt, I didn’t hate it; I just have a predisposition to turn my nose up at the color pink. I’m working on it.

Stitch Fix pink floral blouse tried on

Stitch Fix pink floral blouse tried on 2

I also tried it tucked into a skirt…

Stitch Fix pink floral blouse tried on with skirt

Final Thoughts: So actually, looking at these pictures makes me like it on me better than in person. Weird. I love the way it looks tucked into a skirt, and I’m really digging the way it pairs with the stripes in the skirt; however, I did not like the way it looked on me worn untucked. I reasoned that although it is an adorable shirt, for the price, I needed it to be more versatile for me, and since I only liked it worn one way, it didn’t seem to fit the bill. Plus, again, it’s pink.

photo5 (20)

Initial Thoughts: Oh dear, I love stripes. So much. But do I need another striped top? This was the only piece that, off the bat, I was not excited to immediately put on my body.

Stitch Fix striped tank tried on

Final Thoughts: It’s cute; it really is. But…I have so many striped tops that if I add any more, they need to be really special or unique. I did like that my stylist suggested I tuck this into the skirt that was included. Girl, you know me too well already!

photo4 (40)

Initial Thoughts: A swing skirt! I really don’t buy myself that many skirts, and I don’t know why. I guess I’m just picky. I have what we like to call…junk. In my truck. Therefore, a-line, swing, and skater skirts (especially skater skirts) tend to be way too short in the back. However, I don’t like my skirts to be so long that they feel matronly on me. Oh, #FWP.

stitch fix skirt tried on

Final Thoughts: It covers my butt, is seeeeveral inches from the knee, and is in my favorite color palette? How can I resist?

photo3 (45)

Initial Thoughts: Hello, gorgeous! Get on my neck! Seriously, I have a statement necklace addiction. I probably have too many, yet I never feel like I have enough.

Stitch Fix necklace tried on#blurrypic

Final Thoughts: I’m never taking it off.


So what exactly did I keep? Hold your horses.

Before I show you, I want to reiterate that Stitch Fix is such a cool thing. I can’t recommend it enough! I know I’ve read around the interwebs some reviews from girls who have been disappointed in their fixes, but from what I can gather, do yourself a favor and be as specific as possible. Do what I did and create a Pinterest board just for Stitch Fix ideas and then give it your stylist. If you want them to hit the nail on the head, then you have work with them, too! 🙂

Also, as another note, this is NOT a sponsored post! Nobody asked me to write this. I was just really excited to get my first Fix and share it with you guys! I do, however, receive credit in my account for every gal who uses my referral link, so help a sistah out! You’ll get this too when you sign up! 🙂

Now, I’m sure you’re about to pass out from holding your breath in protest over having to wait to see what I kept. Okay, three-year-old, here you go:

photo1 (60)

This probably wasn’t a huge shocker to you, based on my comments. I really was on the fence with the pink shirt, but in the end, with still being unemployed, I couldn’t justify the cost unless I 100% loved it unconditionally.

I seriously cannot wait for my next Fix! Any other Stitch Fix clients out there? What do you think? Have you tried it? Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions!

All the Brights

Sometimes you just need a simple dress and bright accessories…

patterned dress orange sandals yellow necklace pink lips cut out back

patterned dress orange sandals yellow necklace pink lips

patterned dress yellow necklace pink lips

patterned dress orange sandals

patterned dress orange sandals yellow necklace pink lips2Let’s Be Friends: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // YouTube

When I woke up two Sundays ago, all I had on my mind was one thing: brunch. Additionally, it was a rare HOT day in San Francisco, so a light dress and sandals were necessary. Essentially, I threw on this dress and just added one bright accessory after another until my hungry overtook me and I.Needed.Brunch. If you’re wondering, I received this adorable necklace from Natasha at Bamboo Blossom via a blogger box swap (which is sadly defunct at this point); it’s from South Africa, and I love it!

If you’re not wondering, after brunch, we did a little Farmers’ Market browsing. Feast your eyes upon me (wo)man-handling produce!

photo1 (58)

photo2 (51)

dress: similar 1 or similar 2 // similar sandals // similar sunglasses // “Magic Kingdom” bag from JustFab // lips: “Coral Crush” from Pixi (unavailable online)



All the Things 04 // Stars & Stripes

So there’s some holiday on Friday, eh? I don’t normally do too many holiday themed posts, but in keeping with the spirit of patriotism, I’ve curated some Fourth of July-esque pieces. Whether you want to shout your love for your country from the (purple) mountain tops or give off a more subtle vibe, here are some picks that scream (or politely state), “‘Merica!”

All the Stripes & StripesLet’s Be Friends: Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook // Bloglovin // YouTube


Shopping List
1. Floppy Hat with Striped Sash // Merona
2. USA Striped Cropped Tee // TEXTILE Elizabeth and James
3. Mixed Pinstripe Infinity Scarf // Michael Stars via Nordstrom
4. Audry Flag-Print Tank Top // Jessica Simpson
5. Printed Handkerchief Halter Top // XOXO via Macy’s
6. Stars & Stripes Loop Scarf // Collection XIIX via Macy’s
7. Mesh Beach Tote Handbag // Target
8. Stripe Chiffon Top // Brigitte Bailey via
9. S/S Knit Striped Dress // Romeo & Juliet Couture via


How will you be spending your holiday? Full of merriment I hope! Follow along with me on Instagram this weekend!